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Strawberry (natural remedies)

When you think of strawberries, you think of a small red fruit, juicy and tasty. We think of the beautiful season, the joy that this splendid fruit brings. But few people think that the strawberry is also one of the best natural remedies to make your body stronger, healthier and stronger.
The strawberry contains many nutritional elements that help one's body to remain strong and balanced: among these, we find iron, sugar, citric acid, malic acid, formic, oxalic and salicylic. In addition, strawberries also contain proteins, lime, cellulose, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and soluble salts. In addition, fats, water, sulfur, calcium, silicon iodine and bromine. Of course, as in any good fruit, there are also precious vitamins. In fact, in this tasty and bright red fruit, we find Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

Beneficial properties of the strawberry

Among the main properties contained in this fresh, rich and tasty fruit that we all know with the common name of strawberry, we certainly find a very important antioxidant function: the antioxidant function allows to process free radicals which are very often the main cause of many diseases.
Among the main characteristics of this fruit, we can certainly mention the very important help they provide to the diuretic functions of our organism. They can hinder rheumatic pains, substantially reduce blood cholesterol levels (one of the scourges of recent decades). The beneficial properties of strawberries are innumerable: in fact, among other things, they are also effective anti-inflammatories and have fantastic reinforcing properties for the body
We do not overlook the fact that this tasty fruit with a thousand beneficial properties is used as an adjuvant and sometimes as a real curative, but also as a real medicine. In fact, using the other plant components, effective natural remedies can be obtained. For example, the roots of this delicious fruit and its leaves are used as real medicines. Yes, because the roots, if carefully washed, can be used against rather serious pathologies such as kidney diseases, and even for gout. If you suffer from skin problems or suffer from chilblains, then use the strawberry leaves and get relief. If you suffer from indigestion, strawberry leaves are an excellent and effective soil conditioner against this kind of discomfort. The leaves of the strawberry plant can be used effectively even in case of annoying tonsillitis.
For the most attentive, strawberries are also a great way to keep in line pleasantly. Yes, because these tasty and delicious fruits are really poor in sugar, which makes them particularly suitable for those who want to lose weight by eating well! Not only. For women who are about to face the menopause period, strawberries are a blessing. Why? Because among the very many nutritional elements contained in them, boron is also present.


Below, we will give some useful suggestions to keep you healthy and fit with the truly varied help of this wonderful fruit which, it seems too good to be true, is not only good and tasty, but it also does really well!
1) Natural remedy against indigestion
using strawberries: if you suffer from indigestion, then you can feel much better by taking a good tea prepared with an infusion of strawberry leaves after your generous lunch. How to do? It is very simple. Take a fistful of leaves from the strawberry plant and wash them thoroughly. Then, with a half-moon or chopper, chop them well. Put them in a pan full of water and bring to the boil for about five minutes. Then strain and, while still hot, drink it all.
2) Natural remedy against tonsillitis using strawberries:
if you suffer from tonsillitis and cannot swallow without feeling excruciating pain, then this remedy will be very useful to you. As above, wash well and chop three grams of leaves taken from the strawberry plant and place them in a saucepan with water. Bring to the boil for about five minutes. In this case, it is good to let it cool. With this infusion, you can make some gargles several times a day. The benefits will soon be shown.
3) Natural remedy against rheumatism using strawberries:
If you suffer from annoying rheumatism, this remedy is excellent. Wash a dozen fine ripe strawberries well. Mix them with milk or water. Blend well to make a homogeneous jelly. Drink it twice a day.
4) Remedy for small burns using strawberries:
Make a baby food using six or seven large and juicy strawberries. Mix them with a little milk until the mixture is thick and smooth. Apply to the burned area. The relief will be almost immediate.
5) Natural remedy to fight chilblains using strawberries:
mash some ripe strawberries well and apply the resulting paste on the gelone.
6) Natural remedy against menstrual pain using strawberries:
a good herbal tea of ​​strawberry and chamomile leaves to be taken three or four times a day will certainly make you feel better.