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The care and furnishing of your own home represent two actions that no person can escape, since living in a cozy and tidy house puts you in a good mood and allows you to welcome guests in a dignified manner; for this reason both internal and external environments must be treated in detail, in order to create a common thread between what happens inside the house and what happens outside. Therefore, it is possible to install some pot holders that besides being very functional for the plants, they also perform a decorative function that can enhance the house in all its components.


The pot holders have the function of collecting excess water, to allow the soil of the plant to gradually absorb the right amount of water that is necessary for its growth; the market offers different models of pot holders, to favor the best choice and make them fit in with home furnishings and architectural style, because the aesthetic aspect has a fundamental role. In fact it is possible to find pot holders of any size and shape or even coloring, in order to satisfy every kind of need; materials are also used to create the pot holders, from wood, to PVC, to terracotta, to aluminum, to ceramics.


Wood is configured as a material suitable for any type of furnishing accessory or accessory, since it is a material endowed with extreme elegance and refinement, in such a way as to enhance any type of environment in which it is inserted; the wooden pot holders are especially appreciated for their ability to blend into the natural environment, creating a harmonious union that enhances the home in all its parts. The wood used to create the pot holders is solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give greater solidity and resistance over time; wood is a 100% eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its use it can be biologically disposed of without causing any damage to the external environment. The wooden pot holders need constant maintenance in order to fully show off their elegance, which can be enriched through inlays and motifs of various kinds.


Even PVC is an excellent alternative for the construction of pot holders, in fact despite being a recently discovered material, it was highly appreciated in the field of doors and windows and furnishing accessories; PVC pot holders are appreciated above all for the high resistance of this material to attacks from atmospheric agents and acids, in fact it is a water repellent and fireproof material and always manages to maintain the same appearance throughout its life cycle. PVC is also a highly insulating material and allows you to always maintain the same temperature even in the presence of high temperature changes; although it is a petroleum derivative, PVC does not pollute, but is recycled entirely to be reused in the construction of new objects. The maintenance of PVC pot holders is almost nil, in fact they can be cleaned even with the help of a damp cloth.


Terracotta is also widely used for pot holders, a material that in the gardening world is always very successful, since being of natural origin, it is not perceived by the plant as a foreign body; moreover, thanks to its reddish color, the terracotta allows it to adapt to any type of environment and architectural style. The porosity of this material allows the pot holders to absorb excess water and to give the plant the right amount of water daily; moreover, it is a natural material that can be disposed of without polluting, because it has a low environmental impact.


Of frequent use, especially for large plants, are the aluminum pot holders, a very light but very resistant material, in fact the particular composition of its molecules allows it to be immune to atmospheric agents and therefore to rust, always keeping the same appearance for the duration of its use. Aluminum is also a very shiny material and is used to create new light points in shaded environments.


Even the ceramic is a material very suitable for the creation of pot holders, since being a natural material is disposed of without damage to the environment and to the plant itself; moreover the ceramic is endowed with an innate luster that allows it to give the door vases a very appreciable elegance. Above all, the ceramic pot holders can be decorated by hand with personalized motifs that make the appearance even more valuable.