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Dried fragrant flowers

Dried fragrant flowers

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Embellish with fragrant dried flowers

How many of us love nature and, therefore, embellish and perfume your daily environment? And even better, giving a touch of freshness and elegance?
If you also like to enrich the daily environment in which you live, you can follow these small suggestions regarding products that you can find in nature, in this case, the flowers are real masterpieces.
Some of them are very precious, because they preserve their magnificence over time but, above all, their natural fragrance pleasant to our sense of smell. The art of decorating and adorning our homes with dried and fragrant flowers is a true custom, which is spreading more and more in our country. It is necessary to have imagination, creativity and the game is done.
Today's advice is to use some of them to enhance the beauty of the environment in which we show them, creating an original and elegant natural environment perfume.

Make a composition of dried and perfumed flowers

Let's start with the selection of dried flowers. My advice is to choose them, first of all, based on their color. Let's focus on a shade of color and choose the flowers that tend towards that color, so doing we will obtain a pleasant, very delicate shaded effect, avoiding the color changes that do not suit our composition.
We could take flowers that are not equal to each other, but of various shapes and sizes. All this not to make the composition monotonous, giving a harmonious final effect, definitely satisfying for our sight.
Another suggestion that I suggest is to give your composition a personal touch; you can add some decorative elements to your dried flowers, such as satin or organza ribbons, dried fruit slices, natural or colored sand, shells, small pebbles, but you can also use pinecones and pieces of wood, found here and there; the important thing is that the elements combine well with each other and that they are not too showy, in fact they serve to enhance the flowers, not to hide them.
Finally, choose a container that will accommodate our composition. For a total personalization of the composition we can think of making it ourselves, helping ourselves with materials found at home, in any case, a basket, a vase or a jar that is integrated with your environment. At this point we can lay everything in the container of our choice and enjoy the scent and elegance of a natural composition made entirely by ourselves, in an economic and original way.
In addition to the classical composition, we could make a variant by inserting the dried flowers mixed together into veil or cloth bags, always better if made and customized by ourselves, choosing the most fragrant ones. We can therefore put back the “perfume linen” bags in the closets, drawers or shoe racks. We will replace the deodorants with something natural, giving our linen a breath of fragrance and freshness, which will accompany our days.

Where to find dried and fragrant flowers

Dried and fragrant flowers can be found in many stores, such as florists, herbalists, decoupage shops, gardening stores and above all online. There are several specialized companies that work in a network. The advantage of buying them online is that you have a vast choice, and in some cases, greater product quality.
They are generally loose. It is up to us and our imagination to make a composition. We can also find them, in various colors, shapes and sizes, in short we can indulge ourselves, giving space to our creativity by creating various and elegant compositions.
Remember that they can also be an excellent gift idea, refined and elegant to make your friends happy but, above all, your loved ones.

Dried perfumed flowers: How to get dry and fragrant flowers

Drying flowers can also be a way to preserve a memory that is important to us, of a particular period of our life or a particular event.
When we talk about dried flowers we do not refer to wilted flowers, but to flowers worked through a drying phase that preserves its integrity and its natural form.
This process brings the flower itself to an extension of its life.
If we want, we can make dry and fragrant flowers at home. We collect the flowers that most attract our sight, preferring stems, buds and petals in good condition, avoiding collecting those withered or damaged.
We can harvest them in spring, the season par excellence richer in colors and fragrances, but summer is also fine and why not, even autumn.
To obtain a prolonged integrity, it is advisable to choose to collect them during the hottest and driest hours of the day, humidity and dew could compromise the result, negating our work, which is certainly to be avoided.
Another point, very important, is not to spend too much time from the collection of flowers to the processing of the same, this is an advice for the integrity of the product.
The drying process can take place in different ways, depending on the type of flower and its size, large or small. First you need to clean them up, being very careful, eliminating thorns and dry leaves. Finally, we cut the flower stems obliquely to facilitate the drying process we will adopt.
The most common (and also the simplest) method is that of dehydration. It will be necessary to create small bunches to hang upside down, in ventilated and dry places, away from light and from any source of heat (excellent attics).