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The furnishing and care of the home are two actions that no one can escape, because living in a tidy and tastefully furnished house allows guests to receive guests in a dignified manner and to make home environments aesthetically appreciable. Both internal and external environments must be treated in detail, since the aesthetic aspect is the first thing that is noticed; in this regard it is possible to install modern vases that make the house always in step with the times and enhance any type of environment.


The modern vases are configured as those vases that follow the latest trend lines dictated by home fashion, to be able to make one's home always original and never predictable; the market offers many types of modern vases, according to the needs and tastes of everyone. In modern vases what matters is the shape, in fact the most bizarre shapes always have a great visual effect that is expressed in the general enhancement of the whole house; therefore it is possible to find modern cone-shaped vases, with some inlets to favor the escape of several plants at the same time, or spiral-shaped vases that are very suggestive and, finally, modern bottle-shaped vases. There are also many materials used to make modern vases, from terracotta, PVC, wood, natural fibers and ceramics.


Terracotta is by far the most used material to build modern vases, in fact despite being a material used since ancient times, terracotta is able to adapt perfectly to the most modern lines of tendency; furthermore, its natural composition is not perceived by the plant as foreign and ensures good growth. The porosity of the terracotta allows the absorption of any excess water and, with the formation of a green layer on the surface of the vase, it allows to identify the state of health of the plants and intervene in a timely manner; with its reddish color, terracotta adapts to any environment and architectural style. Above all, the earthenware used for modern vases is a material that does not damage the environment, but can be disposed of in a natural way.


PVC is widely used for the creation of modern vases, since it is a material of recent invention and adapts perfectly to the style of modern vases, in fact PVC has been highly successful within the furnishing accessories market and windows and doors; this material is especially appreciated for its high resistance to atmospheric agents and acids, in fact it is a water repellent and fireproof material and, therefore, it manages to preserve its appearance for the entire duration of its use. Despite being a petroleum derivative, PVC is not a polluting material, since it can be recycled entirely in all its components, in order to be reused for the creation of new objects; the modern PVC pots are highly insulating and allow the soil to maintain the same temperature even in the event of strong temperature changes that could damage the plant. Modern PVC pots do not need excessive maintenance, since they can also be cleaned only with the help of a damp cloth.


Even the modern wooden vases are much appreciated, because the wood is endowed with a unique elegance and is able to adapt to any type of furnishing and architectural style, enhancing the house in all its parts; the wood used for modern vases is solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give greater strength and solidity over time. Wood is a 100% eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its use it can be biologically disposed of without causing any damage to the external environment; wood needs constant maintenance in order to fully express its beauty and, moreover, modern wooden vases can also be enriched through inlays and motifs of various kinds.


A material that makes modern vases truly inimitable is represented by natural fibers, which are much appreciated because they do not need maintenance, but regenerate themselves in contact with the outside air; modern natural fiber vases are very light and can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty. Furthermore, natural fibers have a very low environmental impact, in fact they protect the environment because they do not damage it when they are disposed of.


Even modern ceramic vases are an excellent alternative to other materials, since the ceramic is endowed with a particular brightness that makes any room elegant; moreover, it does not suffer from scratches or bumps and is resistant both to heat and to cold. The modern ceramic vases are fireproof and waterproof, and can be decorated by hand with motifs of various kinds, to be even more elegant.
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