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Fake flowers online

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Fake flowers online

The origin of the fake flowers dates back to ancient Greece, where it was well known to make compositions of silk and paper carved flowers, based on teaching from the East. Even during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages paper or silk flowers adorned the nuns' faces, they were found in convents, on church altars, not only in Italy, but also in the rest of Europe. With the arrival of the Chinese, then, the fake flowers were no longer made only of paper and silk, but also of feathers, ribbons, gauze and gold leaf. It was at the end of the 18th century that the fake flowers, especially in France, experienced their great splendor, only to see the interest that nowadays appears to have been reborn diminished.
Nowadays decorative art takes on the contours of unreality, made of velvet, leather and, in general, of an aesthetic that embodies the simple fashion of modernity. In recent years there have been great strides made from a qualitative point of view, since the finished flowers can be produced so well that they are very similar to natural flowers (mixtures of chemical compounds, polymers, simple fabrics are added for this ...). The "Real Touch" technique also adds to these flowers that feeling of truth even to the touch.
Being artificial flowers, they last over time, need little care and can be bent and shaped, so as to create unusual shapes that adapt to any environment. They do not create allergies, they are ductile, suitable for every season, they can even be scented and, not to be underestimated, they are often less expensive than natural flowers.
This last economic aspect takes on greater importance if we refer to those decorations that can be ordered online from the innumerable sites that over time have been born. Just type "fake flowers" on a search engine to find an infinite number of sites that allow you to create decorations, bouquets, centerpieces, floral creations suitable for every situation and built with the most disparate materials.

Fake flower compositions

There are so many guides online, in various sites, to make so many types of decorations or compositions with fake flowers. This type of composition can be created with fabric, canvas, paper and other materials (depending on the creativity of each). The choice of a composition should be made as if it had to do with natural flowers: for vase compositions, for example, the wicker will be adequate for a rustic space, while a ceramic vase can be better adapted to indoor environments more classic, as is the case with natural flowers. The choice of colors, their scent, style will then derive, in the same way, the place and the area where they are best placed; the same applies to non-vase compositions, such as wreaths or bouquets. Due to their ductibility, they can also create decorations for frames, furnishing accessories or centerpieces.
Classical compositions of fake flowers can be composed of roses, tulips, orchids or gardenias and the price for each composition or decoration varies according to the size and type of material requested.


There are many techniques for making fake flowers that make them very similar to real flowers.
As for the fake flower bouquets, for example, they are often harmonized with silk and with the Real Touch technique, while those of roses can be made very elegantly with cream-colored shiny silk that makes them really fantastic especially if it is added a fragrance that recreates the smell of the flower that is represented.
Other coating techniques are those of injection and stratification, very reliable, which allow to have a flower completely similar to the view to the natural one.

Fake flowers online: How to create fake flower arrangements on vase

Before the start of any type of work it is good to get the material necessary for the creation of our composition: various ribbons, decorative elements, paper, silk, graph paper, and various DIY tools, such as glue, scissors, adhesive tapes and all those materials that we would like to include in our flower arrangement.
Once you have chosen the type of flowers to be included in the composition, you can buy the desired fake flowers in the "do-it-yourself" centers or online, without forgetting to buy some green sprigs (useful for beautifying the composition) and some scented essences in line with the chosen flowers. Lastly, artificial moss, a flower sponge and the type of vase chosen must be obtained.
At this point it is advisable to arrange the flowers and the twigs in order of height and, consequently, place at the center of the composition the tallest flowers and at the margins the lowest ones; they are then inserted, in the chosen order, into the flower sponge, which in turn must be inserted into the vase.
Above the sponge you can place artificial moss (or pebbles ...) to make the whole composition more elegant; every 10/15 days it must also be filled with perfumed essence to reproduce the desired smell.


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