Flower compositions

Flower compositions

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Flower compositions

Using artificial flowers or real flowers is a personal choice, depending on the circumstances and tastes of those who receive the gift. A bundle of roses to express one's feelings will certainly be appreciated. If, on the other hand, you want to give something for the house, for example, but you don't know the style of the furniture, a composition with artificial flowers, perhaps with sunflowers in evidence to communicate happiness and serenity, is what is most indicated. In any case, the choice is really wide and creating the right combinations is very easy, even for those who are not a connoisseur of the genre. At any florist you can identify the desired floral varieties in a wide range of colors and fragrances. Even preparing a composition at home is not that difficult, just arm yourself with patience and have a little imagination and a sense of aesthetics. The classic bouquet of red roses is in fact always welcome, above all to pay homage to the loved one, but the mixed compositions today are very much in vogue and perhaps even more appreciated for their originality. Approaching Valentine's Day, then, it is precisely the case to look for something unique for your sweet half, to give that day a special meaning. Any occasion is good, however, to create effect floral compositions, to be used even as a centerpiece or to show off and highlight that precious crystal vase that has long been confined to the bottom of the piece of furniture. In fact, flowers suggest freshness, attention to detail and to oneself, attention to the home and others, perfect for positively impressing guests.


The floral arrangements with fresh flowers are among the most suitable gifts to pay homage to one's "she". There is no woman in the world who does not feel important and gratified by such a gift, regardless of the meaning of each flower. To highlight love, passion and desire, the classic bouquet of long-stemmed red roses enriched with pessophila flowers, better known as mist, and maybe a sprig of peach flowers to symbolize an immortal sentiment will go well. Or you can make a bouquet of roses or red gerberas or even red roses and white lilies, the latter representing innocence and candor. Then there is a more original idea, namely that of making a real basket of flowers, very suitable for Valentine's Day. All you need is a wicker basket, preferably with the handle, to be filled at your discretion by lining it with aluminum foil and plastic to prevent water spillage. Another flower suitable for compositions, versatile, available in different colors, is the tulip, perfect, in the red shade, to declare one's feelings. Even the azalea lends itself well to the purpose, a symbol of femininity but also of good luck. For a particularly refined woman and to symbolize sensuality and passion, it is enough to give an orchid, a precious and delicate flower par excellence, and the result is guaranteed. On the occasion of a wedding, the bouquet is a must, with red or white roses or even in particular shades such as lilac. Also perfect are flowers such as lily of the valley, peony, calla, the latter also indicated for making simple but effective centerpieces. There are endless varieties of floral compositions, just knowing the meaning of the flowers and avoiding misplaced combinations. For a degree in many Italian universities, a laurel wreath is given to those who have reached the finish line, symbolizing victory, while for an anniversary a composition with pansy is perfect to express intensity and romanticism.


The compositions with dried flowers are just as spectacular as those made with fresh flowers, as they are assembled with precise gardening techniques. Their purpose is mainly decorative and are suitable for different environments, from domestic to professional, as in the case of hotels, wellness centers, medical offices, shopping centers. Often the end result is that of a real work of art. You can use wicker baskets, in the most disparate forms, the cornucopia is a classic, and they are particularly suitable for rustic environments while a ceramic vase will be more suitable for a more refined and elegant environment and on the occasion of a ceremony. The compositions of dried flowers are also used as a centerpiece, perfect in bronze tones to emphasize the classic and timeless lines of a wooden artifact. You can use roses, peonies, tulips, sunflowers, orchids, calla lilies and many other varieties of flowers, all strictly fake, on which to vaporize, perhaps, the scent of fresh flowers. The choice of materials is also wide. For particularly refined bouquets the fake flowers can be made of silk: the effect is assured. The price does not differ much from that of a flower arrangement with fresh flowers and can even reach very high figures but it is really worth it.
Whatever the personal tastes, the flower arrangements are perfect for any eventuality, a ceremony, a particular event, or even just to enrich the environment in which we live every day. Regardless of the message you want to communicate, saying it with a flower is always the right choice.