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Orange from seed

Orange from seed

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Question: can you get a seed orange?

how do you get an orange plant from an existing orange plant?

Orange from seed: Answer: propagate the oranges

Dear Daniel,
most of the citrus fruits that we commonly cultivate are hybrids, which originated centuries ago, so much so that it is difficult to understand which are the ancestors; the oranges normally produce fertile seeds, but unfortunately, usually, an orange plant born from seed does not produce fruit, and in any case it would not produce them identical to the orange from which we took the seeds. After having cultivated a young citrus seed plant for a couple of years, it will be necessary to graft it, with the variety of orange we prefer. In spring we will have to cut all the foliage, making a cut parallel to the ground, in the upper part of the stem; at this point we practice two x-slits, in which we will place scions of a citrus fruit we have chosen, of which we want to propagate plants that produce the same fruits (the scions are essentially twigs). Then we close the splits with raffia, and cover everything with pruning putty, so that the wounds do not act as an entry point for fungal parasites. If you go to an area rich in citrus groves, you will surely notice some trees to which this treatment is done, also because the citrus groves are re-grafted periodically, to rejuvenate the plants. In fact, if you decide to graft a fruit plant, it is not always easy to find the scions to practice grafting; fortunately, more and more nurseries tend to hold (or provide at the request of customers) the scions of many types of fruit plants; it is clear that it is more likely to find citrus fruits in the cultivation areas.