Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

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Wedding flowers

When choosing flowers for the wedding, the starting point is usually the bride's bouquet. From this fact it is impossible to ignore: it will give the impression and the tendency to the wedding. So the decorations for the location, the car and everything related to the event, will be inspired in every way by the bride. And there are many details that must be taken into account when choosing the flowers that will frame this special event. First of all we must consider if the marriage takes place in the church or in the town hall, the age of the spouses but also their way of being and above all the time of year in which they get married. In general, brides are advised to choose seasonal flowers: this is to avoid excessive costs but also to have a freshness and a greater choice on the market. And once the types of flowers have been identified, there are the colors on which to orient oneself: the brighter ones, the pastel shades generally preferred by brides, and the timeless white that must never be missing. In church, for example, it is the trusted florist who gives vent to his imagination but the result must never deviate too much from the line given by the bouquet. For a civil wedding, instead, you can opt for a more sober allure. No flowers but two very green and not too tall trees, perhaps enriched with white organza ribbons, to be placed on the sides of the table where the spouses will put their signatures.


The latest trends, especially in line with the suggestions of the most avant-garde designers on fashion runways, want bridal bouquets and all decorations with very bright colors. The most glamorous flowers will focus on passionate colors such as red, yellow and orange tones. Among these, gerberas and roses, which are found all year round, never go out of fashion. And then the camellias and peonies in the hottest shades. If you get married around May-June, you can enrich the bouquet - and consequently the rest of the decorations - with the delicate wild flowers, cleverly combined with refined touches of green. Even if for spring the warm tones are in the latest fashion, you can still prefer flowers with shades of color tending to Provencal blue and indigo. Ideal and recommended in this sense is the flower of lilac, country but refined, very fragrant and refined. The lilac is also found in white and in this way it can be combined with other varieties of flowers.


For the warmer season, bridal bouquets will see classic and original trends go hand in hand. The traditional composition of white flowers never goes out of style and is suitable for the most romantic brides. For this choice you can opt for roses, orchids but also for turmeric, with a particular shape and shades that fade between white and green.
But summer is the season of sun and colors so it is not forbidden to orientate oneself on bright colors. The traditional yellow sunflower is the symbol of this period and is particularly suitable if you choose a country house or a country setting as a location for the festivities. Even the pink hydrangeas, the lisantus and the orchids with violet nuances are among the flowers preferred by brides during weddings a decidedly retro allure, for bouquets and floral decorations rich in dahlias, full of elegance and refinement. But if you want to choose to celebrate the wedding these months of the year.


In autumn, when the temperatures drop a little but the climate is still mild and pleasant, the bride could opt, to give her marriage a rural and slightly Provencal imprint, for the fragrant lavender. And it will be just the color of this flower that will give a line to all the event: maybe at the restaurant or at the reception location for example, with matching tablecloths and centerpieces.
For the autumn months are also recommended the classic and simple tulips with orange tones that combined with roses in the same nuances, and ivy, will express strength and uniqueness to the new bond that is about to be born. For October and November it is also worth considering the rosmelia, a type of very large rose, with salmon shades that combined with light ribbons in the same shade or white, will be the emblem of a romanticism for a wedding of other times.


For the coldest months, exotic orchids with all their particular shades of color are recommended for weddings. Especially those with pink streaks will be able to give an aristocratic imprint to marriage. However, white is considered the most suitable color for a winter wedding. The delicate snowdrops are in fact the most suitable flowers to give life to spectacular and original bouquets, as well as the amaryllis, which expresses elegance and refinement but also timidity. The amaryllis can be found in white but also in warmer shades of red and orange, if you want to deviate from the "cloud effect" to give a touch of color and warmth to the whole.
Extremely fairytale is also the bridal bouquet made with a dense bunch of white daffodils or, always on the white, the one made of buttercups, a mouthpiece of understood beauty and melancholic charm, perhaps enriched with freesias, winter berries and tulle flakes.