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Iron gazebos

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There are different models and different sizes of garden gazebos. Alongside the standard models offered by the manufacturers, the thousands of customisations that can be made, which will allow you to have the ideal gazebo for you and your spaces, should be added; a gazebo built after analyzing all your needs and requirements in detail.The first thing to do is to choose the shape that best fits the space available to us. On the market there are the following types of iron gazebos:- square structure gazebo;- rectangular structure gazebo;- gazebo with hexagonal structure;- octagonal structure gazebo.Each basic type of iron gazebo can then be built to the required dimensions and built according to the customer's needs.COVERAGE

The cover of the iron gazebo is generally made of a waterproof and fireproof PVC sheet. The extreme versatility of the models in circulation of PVC tarpaulins allows today to satisfy any need for coverage.
You can choose the fabric and color of the tarpaulin that best fits the style of your home and that is closest to the type of gazebo you are going to make. For example, if you want to give an even more evident elegance to your iron gazebo, the advice is to choose a white or champagne color cover. The PVC covers, currently on the market, are all able to guarantee an excellent level of resistance to atmospheric agents, such as wind, UV rays, smog and salt, making it possible to build this type of gazebo even in seaside resorts.
All models are also complete with valid channeling systems for rainwater drainage. Some models of gazebos can also be embellished with central sloping roofs which, in addition to making it more important from an aesthetic point of view, contribute to significantly increasing its resistance.
Evolutionary trends have led to the need to illuminate the various rooms with natural light; This is precisely the reason why today we are witnessing the creation of a gazebo with a glass cover. The multiple varieties of glass products also guarantee a high guarantee of safety and excellent performance characteristics, obtained thanks to the use of laminated, thermal and low-emissivity glasses. This type of covering guarantees total waterproofing for 365 days a year and the possibility of choosing between light and shade, thanks to the inclusion of sliding shading systems. The use of materials such as iron and glass in combination gives the room modern lines and functional transparencies that are decidedly aesthetically pleasing.


Finally, you can personalize your iron gazebo by installing curtains, so as to obtain a perimeter closure that will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments in the garden and make the gazebo tailor-made for you.
The side closing curtains for gazebos can be made in different solutions: they can consist of fixed sheets or of sliding sheets on rails and pulleys. Sometimes, but this can be seen more in the iron gazebos made for bars, restaurants or other types of public places, the windows can be fitted with windows in transparent PVC or in English style. Laterally, instead, the sheets can have simple circular eyelets, fixed to the structure with a rope, or oval eyelets, applied to the structure with nylon hooks that allow the curtain to be blocked. All accessories (eyelets, pulleys and tracks) must necessarily be made of galvanized iron and resistant to corrosion.