Flower beds under the pines

Flower beds under the pines

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Question: Can I grow under the pines?

I have a very large flowerbed in which there is a host of pine trees ... the question is ... Can I grow flowers and vines in the same land where these trees are or is there a risk that nothing will grow?

Flower beds under the pines: Answer: the flower beds under the pines

Dear Catherine,
the ground under the pines can be an ideal dwelling for many plants; but consider that these plants, especially when they are large, tend to use a large amount of water, making it less available to your plants. In addition to this, garden conifers are typically evergreen and have a dense and thick foliage; this prevents sunlight from reaching the base of the plant for most of the day, and also the weather water hardly reaches the ground, stopping between pine needles. The result is a shadow, or a semi-shadow, dry. Unfortunately, most of the decorative plants that you can find in the nursery and who love the shade, will tend to love also the humidity. Thus, it can grow any plant that does not require large amounts of direct sunlight, and that resists drought well; if instead you decide to choose plants that like a cool and humid climate, then in late spring and in summer you will have to forcibly water yourself, in order to satisfy the water needs of your plants. Another problem with conifers is due to the needles, which fall profusely throughout the year, as the plant constantly replaces them; pin needles are rich in tannins, which often inhibit the germination of many plants. I therefore ask you not to choose plants that sow themselves, or in any case not to expect that every year the annual plains will recur, thanks to the seeds of the previous year. To have beautiful, luxuriant plants it would be advisable, periodically, to clean up the flowerbeds with pine needles. If you want a lush and pleasant flowerbed, try also to consider some plants with decorative foliage, especially if light colored, which also illuminate the darkest area of ​​the garden.