Weeding Dicondra

Weeding Dicondra

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Question: how to weed the clover?

But in short you just can't tell me how to eliminate an intrusive clover from my dichondra meadow without damaging the dichondra?

Weeding Dicondra: Answer: weeding a dichondra meadow

Dear Massimo,
on the market there are some herbicides, called selective herbicides, which unfortunately cannot be used in your case; this is because selective herbicides are usually effective in weeding round-leaf plants, and in your case both the weed (the clover) and the grass you intend to grow (the dichondra) have large, roundish foliage. But you could exploit the different need for fertilizer that the two types of grass have: the clover is a plant belonging to the legume family, like all the other plants of this family it lives in symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which live in small nodules between its roots; these bacteria are able to take nitrogen from the air and make it available to plant roots. For this reason, the clover does not like excessively fertilized soils with nitrogen-rich fertilizers, as the level of this salt quickly becomes excessive for the plant. So, to get rid of the clover from your lawn, you could try fertilizing it with a fertilizer rich in nitrogen; you can use a granular product, to spread well on the soil once every 3-4 months. Clear that this is not a remedy that will eliminate all the clover from your turf within 15 days. But over the months you should see your increasingly fertile dichondra and clover less and less present.