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Tree seeds

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The seeds of small fruits such as apple, pear, lemons and in general all those that are small, should be left in a glass full of water for a couple of days. Then they will be placed in plastic pots with common universal soil, taking care to keep the soil always moist but never soaked. After that, the pot will have to be exposed to the sun and to wait. The operation, to have more chances of success, is better done in spring / summer. For "shell" seeds such as almond, apricot and peach for example, it is necessary to take the hazel, scrape the shell with a sharp little knife, take a glass and put wet cotton on the bottom of the glass, place the stone on it and it is covered with other damp cotton (important, moist, not wet). The glass should be placed in a damp place taking care to always keep the cotton wet and wait about a month. After a month the shell will have opened in correspondence of the scratch and a small root will have been created. At this point it will be necessary to take the seed and bury it in a pot, expose it to the sun and within a short time you will see the plant grow strong and vigorous.Tips for improving sowing

Often the attempts at sowing, needless to deny it, fail. Here is the main reason:
The main mistake is to throw everything away when you see nothing sprout. Keep in mind that it takes a year for growth and you need to wet the substrate day after day so that the embryo wakes up and something is born. Just forget about one day of watering or doing it too much to see the embryo dry out or rot. A trick to avoid this could be to plant the seed in a pot already occupied by another plant so it is difficult to forget to water it.
The best times for sowing are autumn and the end of winter, then for each type of seed it is good to also refer to the lunar cycles. Each type of seed corresponds to a better period of the moon to be planted.

Seeds for nomea easier to germinate and seeds tougher

The seed of the medlar is a beautiful seed to cultivate and that generally guarantees excellent results. It is a wild plant that has no particular needs and therefore if we plant a dozen of hazelnuts we are almost certain that at least 4 or 5 will germinate and give life to our plant. The time required is around 40 days. The seed of the Judas tree, that tree which in spring colors many avenues of our cities in pink, is simple to germinate and also as beautiful as a visual impact.
On the other hand, a seed to germinate and manage are generally those of citrus fruits, the citrus seed tends to produce sugary substances that tend to form molds, so the chances of planting citrus seeds and finding them then moldy are very high. This problem can be overcome by washing the seed under running water and then with a solution of water and bleach.