Flowers bouquet

Flowers bouquet

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Introduction to the art of bouquet

A bouquet of flowers, in addition to pleasantly furnishing the environment, can be a welcome gift. You can easily learn to make it with your own hands, whether it is made up of fresh or artificial flowers. The first thing to do is to carefully choose the style of the floral arrangement, and consequently the most suitable varieties of flowers and their colors, trying to combine everything to the fullest. It is good to design the position and number of flowers and leaves on graph paper to get a clear idea of ​​the final result. As a general rule, it is necessary to avoid adding more than three or four different types of flowers to allow each element to emerge and stand out in all its beauty, and not to remain suffocated in the whole of the bouquet. If you choose fresh flowers, it is better to opt for those with closed buds or semi-open buds to prolong their durability. When proceeding with the arrangement of the floral elements, care must be taken to place the tallest stems in the center of the bouquet, and gradually to insert those of decreasing height, which must be towards the outer part, as if they were used for pictorial frame. To fix the flowers firmly in place, you can use a nice ribbon that matches the color of the bouquet or of the wire covered with a floral ribbon. A good result depends on good taste, compliance with the rules of color and symmetry and the correspondence between the floral choice and the style to be followed.

How to create a bouquet of fresh flowers

The bouquets can be simple, made even with just a few flowers, or more complex, such as exotic creations. After practicing the basic technique, imagination and creativity will be the two main ingredients to create the bouquet suitable for any event. If you want to make a composition of fresh flowers, you must first remove the leaves and thorns from them, using specific nippers. Then you need to fill a large basin with water and immerse the flowers in it, keeping them under water for a few seconds so that the stem absorbs them. Once this is done, the bouquet will be created, starting to form the focal point with the most voluminous flower, continuing to add the others around them. The final result must have a shape that resembles a dome. To hold the flowers in place, a ribbon will be used to wrap the stems, keeping it about 4 cm below the corollas. Now you can cut the lower part in excess of the stems, depending on your needs. If desired, you can embellish the bouquet even more by inserting decorative elements in it, such as beads, small ribbons or matching bows.

An original bouquet for the wedding: the unique flower composition

Even with a single flower you can create a magnificent bouquet, elegant and stylish, which can be used for example for wedding decorations. It can be created with real or artificial flowers, and can be used both by the bride and her bridesmaids. Choose a beautiful flower suitable for the style of the ceremony, such as the orchid or the calla. The stems must be at least twenty centimeters. Then a long ribbon of tulle or organza in a pastel color will be tied to the stem, leaving it to fall in cascade. Care must be taken to secure the tape well to prevent the flower from sliding down. The bouquet will be completed by making a double binding knot and inserting a bow inside, in a color that fits the bridesmaids' dress. For a very elegant effect, a strip of satin or velvet can be placed around the main ribbon, folding the upper edges to form a sort of soft rosette.

Flower bouquet: How to keep a bouquet of flowers

In order for a bouquet to remain long over time in all its beauty, specific care and attention must be given to it. If the bouquet is made with fake dry flowers, to clean it you must gently grasp the stems in the center and put it upside down. At this point we will shake it slightly to free it from dust and atmospheric dust. Alternatively, if the flowers are quite resistant, a jet of a hairdryer can be passed over them, obviously kept at a low jet and at the minimum temperature. To harden the flowers and keep them well in place, it will simply be necessary to dispense strong hairspray on their surface, keeping the can at about twenty centimeters, without exceeding the dose. If the bouquet is composed of silk flowers, very delicate, you will have to limit yourself to removing the superficial patina of powder with a duvet, avoiding any type of detergent. A bouquet made from latex or rubber holes can be safely washed under running water by adding mild soap. As far as the maintenance of a bouquet of fresh flowers is concerned, it is necessary to remove each wrapping from the lower part and place it in a jar of water filled for three quarters, remembering to change it at least a couple of times a week, to prolong their duration. in time.