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Making your home comfortable and welcoming has become an ever-increasing need in our society. the care and furnishing of one's home is an action that must be performed with great passion and attention. To be truly welcoming, a home must be cared for both indoors and outdoors, since the external appearance is the first thing that is perceived; in this regard it is possible to install terracotta vases that give a touch of originality and elegance to the entire house. In addition to being very functional, these terrace vases also allow you to keep your balcony tidy and give your home more harmony.


There are many models available for terrace pots, suitable for any requirement and mouldable according to your tastes, in fact it is possible to find pots suitable for containing a large number of plants and, therefore, of large dimensions, or small pots that they are mainly used for ornamental plants. Even the style of terracotta vases can be different, in fact there are those who prefer the modern style to always be fashionable, or those who love the timeless classic to always have a touch of elegance; There are also many materials used to build terracotta pots, from wood, aluminum, PVC, terracotta and ceramics.


One of the most used materials to create terracotta pots is wood, which compared to other types of material, has a great elegance and propensity to adapt to environments of any kind, in fact the wooden terrace pots fit perfectly inside of outdoor environments, blending in with the natural background of the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, wood is an eco-sustainable material and can be disposed of biologically without causing damage to the environment; thanks to its ductility, the wood can be shaped and decorated with inlays and motifs of various kinds that allow it to increase its already intrinsic elegance. The wooden terrace pots need constant maintenance in order to fully show off their splendor; besides all the wood used to build the terracotta pots it is called solid wood, since it represents a more resistant and durable wood, since it is taken directly from the trunk of the trees.


Also aluminum is a material widely used for the creation of terracotta pots, above all because it is a very light material but also highly resistant, in fact it is particularly appreciated for the particular structure of its molecules, thanks to which it manages to be immune. to humidity and therefore to rust, managing to maintain the same appearance for the duration of its use. Aluminum terracotta pots are used in particular in shaded environments, because they are useful for creating new light points, since aluminum is a very shiny material.


Another material widely used for the realization of terrace pots is PVC, a recently discovered material, but which has been very successful in the field of furnishing accessories and doors and windows in general, thanks to its high resistance to atmospheric agents and to acid attacks, in fact it is a water repellent and fireproof material. Its main characteristic is constituted by the fact of being insulating, allowing the soil of the plants to always be able to maintain the same temperature even in the case of strong temperature changes; although it is a petroleum derivative, PVC is not polluting, since it is recycled in all its parts, in order to be reused for the creation of new objects. PVC patio pots do not require continuous maintenance, since they can be cleaned even with the help of a damp cloth.


Terracotta is the material that is used par excellence for the creation of terracotta pots, because thanks to its reddish color, it allows it to adapt to any type of architectural style and furniture; moreover, being a natural material, it is not perceived by the plant as a foreign element to the ground. Thanks to its porosity, the terracotta allows the terracotta pots to be absorbent if the plant has been watered with excessive amounts of water; above all, being natural, this material does not damage the environment.


Very fine and delicate is the ceramic that is used to make terracotta vases, in fact it is a material that fully enhances the aesthetic aspect of the house, thanks also to the possibility of being decorated with motifs of various kinds. Despite being very delicate, ceramics are able to withstand shocks and scratches well, but also to sudden changes in temperature and attacks from atmospheric agents.


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