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Garden furniture

Garden furniture

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Garden furniture

Nowadays owning a garden is not a luxury that everyone can afford. We need a lot of space, a big house, and also a lot of constancy and a maintenance capacity.

What we really need

Depending on the space we have available, the care we are able to give you, and above all according to our needs, our green space can be enriched with many accessories, which will make it gradually more practical and functional. Of course it depends on the tastes, the use that is made of it, the personal need. If we like to host and organize great dinners for our friends, for example, we cannot miss a living room corner and maybe a space to consume delicious outodoor dinners. If, on the other hand, we love peace and quiet, we can enrich our garden with a fountain, which will accompany the sounds of nature inviting us to relax. Finally, if we have small children at home, it will be good to think of them, their needs for play and space. But let's see point by point how to make our green space more inviting.

A corner for chatting and cooking

We love to prepare sumptuous dishes, or even if we like to have long outdoor chats with our closest friends, it is essential to organize a conversation corner. All you need is a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and the seating effect is guaranteed. There are many types on the market: ranging from the synthetic rattan that has practically replaced the old wicker, to the high design pvc sofas, to the more classic, easily transportable and stackable plastic seats. If our garden reflects a slightly more classic taste, more traditional then it will be good to focus on rattan: it faithfully reproduces the old bamboo but with the practicality of plastic: it is light, it does not blacken, it is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, it does not risk to rot because of the rains. If instead our personality and our home reflect a more modern, more pop character, perfect for our living room corner will be the pvc sofas with supermodern forms signed by the great names of design. They reproduce in all respects the most traditional models of living room sofas, but the material with which they are made is indestructible, resistant to UV rays, to the most violent rains, to the wear of time. If necessary our conversation corner can be covered by a gazebo, a space that surrounds it, making it isolated from the rest of the garden, more protected, and transforming our green corner into an extension of our house. There are plastic, light and easily transportable, or in wood, certainly more elegant but less easy to maintain and certainly more expensive. If we have a little more space, and we are lovers of the kitchen, it is possible to enrich our living room corner with a table and chairs, for delicious outdoor dining ... but let's forget about the usual old barbecue. Nowadays there are real outdoor kitchens on the market, perfectly equipped, which will allow us to cook in the maximum comfort in the company of our guests, without having to go back and forth from the kitchen, risking dropping plates and dishes and above all preventing us from enjoying of the company of our diners. Ideal for warm summer evenings, outdoor kitchens are usually equipped with two or three burners, a small sink, a work surface and several compartments and compartments - open or closed by doors - in which to store dishes, pots, spices and everything that may prove indispensable in the kitchen.
Usually they can be partially dismantled and are put away easily, even in a small room. The prices are certainly not very low but it is an investment that we will not regret over the years.

For the little ones

If there are even small guests in the house, it will also be good to think about their needs, space, play and socialization. So why not add a children's house to our garden furniture? There are many types, ranging from the smaller ones, which do not exceed a couple of cubic meters to the more articulate and complex ones. The 'pedagogical' value of the children's lodges has always been known: mysterious places where the little ones can share with their friends, secrets both large and small, sheltered from the prying eyes of their parents in total security and intimacy. A small house placed outside also "forces" children to go outside, breathe pure air and finally detach themselves from TV, computers, video games and invent new games that allow them a more adult form of socialization. aware. Of course the houses that are on the market are made in complete safety for our little ones: in non-toxic, non-ingestible, fireproof materials, without edges or pieces that can damage the health of young guests. It is possible to buy them in toy stores or in outdoor furniture stores. You can also find good offers online.

Garden furniture: Not just furniture

If the space available is little or in any case if we do not want to include furniture in our garden, but only ornamental elements, it is possible to turn our gaze to benches, wells, fountains. There are fake stone, marble-like resin, very romantic, which will project us into a fairytale atmosphere. Usually they are very elegant, refined models, handcrafted but not of inferior quality. Resistant to the most violent atmospheric agents, they guarantee a long life span over the years and give a touch of poetry to our garden. The fountains, in particular, accompany our relaxation with the sweet and accommodating noise of flowing water, distance the city, its neuroses, its troublesome noises, giving us a true oasis of peace.