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All the benefits that the shrub is able to offer to the human body are due to its natural components that have an inevitable effect on the body. First of all, we must remember that the plant is rich in vitamins, in particular vitamins E. Vitamins are essential nutrients for the health of the organism because they play a primary role in the regulation of metabolism. Specifically, vitamin E (tocopherol) has an antioxidant action which protects the body from free radicals and helps in the process of eliminating toxins. The bush in question also contains beta carotene which, being a provitamin, is metabolized by the body after transformation and turned into vitamin A, which acts in the proper functioning of the cells. Among the other substances contained in eleuterococco, there is caffeic acid which has an antibacterial action and is able to supply energy to the body. Next to the components already mentioned, it should be remembered that the shrub is rich in glucose and simple sugars, lipids, pectin, wax, coumarins, polysaccharides and oleanolic acid.The effects of the eleuterococcus on the organism

First of all, it must be said that the eleuterococcus is indicated as a shrub whose properties are useful to strengthen the immune system, increasing the number of white blood cells, and to counteract the feeling of fatigue, this thanks to its caffeine content. As a result, taking Eleutherococcus capsules or syrup not only helps you feel less tired and fight chronic fatigue but also improves your performance, in terms not only physical but also psychological; for example, it increases the capacity for attention and concentration, in addition it optimizes one's sexual performance, increasing it both in terms of duration and in terms of the intensity of the relationship. Eleutherococcus is able to act on hormones, improving secretion, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effect. Regarding the anti-inflammatory effect, eleuterococcus is useful in the treatment of painful states of the head and throat. The anti-stress effect of the bush is assured and it is therefore useful to take it in particularly difficult and problem-rich times in order to have the strength to face at best every difficulty without being oppressed by problems; using this plant, in fact, a relaxed mood will be assured. Furthermore, due to its hypoglycemic effect, the shrub can help people suffering from diabetes because it helps maintain the balance between glycaemia and insulin. Finally, the Eleutherococcus has a toning and invigorating action so it can be used to counteract the signs of age. Compared to the indications related to ways and times of intake, the best thing is to take the dry Eleutherococcus extract, in any form, in minimal quantities to avoid caffeine overload. This means that three milligrams of extract per day are enough, corresponding to about a teaspoon of syrup, to be consumed dissolved in water or in another non-carbonated beverage, such as a fruit juice.