Bunches of flowers

Bunches of flowers

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Bunches of flowers

There are things that never go out of fashion like the cheese on macaroni, like the summer polo shirts and the cream and chocolate ice cream, inside this small list is also the bouquet of flowers.
Let's face it, getting flowers is always a pleasure. Anyone who presents them and for any occasion, a beautiful bouquet of flowers colored will always manage to snatch a smile or anyway a feeling of sincere approval. It will be because they bring joy, it will be because cinema has accustomed us to that Richard Gere who with a bundle of red roses swears eternal love to Julia Roberts, aka Vivian Ward, but the flowers are symbols of something big, important and lasting (hopefully !).
The events in which you choose to donate flowers are the most varied, gallant appointments, births, commanded parties and others, but also only as an impromptu gift, almost as if to say: "I thought of you".
Then there is a whole line that deals with the specific meaning of the different qualities of flowers, a psychological relationship between the choice made and the meaning that the gift wants to understand about the person it offers.
If you are interested in the subject and have tested with hand that in fact nothing in love is more eloquent than the famous one hundred red roses then let's explore other languages, other colors and messages, so as to always make the right choice not only with your own half, but also with friends, colleagues and anyone who deserves a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The bundle of roses and its meanings

The rose is attributed the highest value of ambassador of feelings, better if red but not only.
In recent years, according to market statistics, not only the white symbol of a pure and light sentiment has returned to great popularity, but even a particular type of dark purple rose, which some say would serve to warn the patner as an expression of the feeling of jealousy.
Let's now pass to the yellow rose, perfect to give to friends, a bundle of yellow roses indicates great affection and benevolence of feelings as well as being a vehicle of joy and good humor thanks to their bright and joyful color.
More suitable for children and bouquets of Confirmations and Communions could be the bouquet of pink roses, delicate and suitable for representing childish whiteness.


Don't be sad at first sight! A composition of wildflowers best if chosen by yourself, does not indicate that the crisis is now rampant and that it was wanted to do economy, but it could be an original and fun way to create something original, specilae and done with the heart.
The scents of many species of flowers found in countryside and mountain meadows have a particular fragrance intensity, capable of bringing to mind the noises and smells of the forest even at home.
It is true that the florist knows how to do his job and compositions put together by skilled hands have a flavor that is often spectacular and irrepressible, but receiving a bouquet of forget-me-not combined with wild violets indicates that those who give you the gift have spent time for you and therefore carefully evaluate their meaning.

Daisies. Not only "he loves me he loves me not"

We have always been used to seeing the daisy as the flower tied to the yearning of love, petal after petal the girls test the feeling of the beloved, who has no power other than to cross their fingers and hope that the daisy do justice to your feelings so as not to arouse the wrath of your beauty! That is why this flower would represent sincerity and the promise of an eternal feeling.
So here is the antagonist of the rose, the daisies joined in bouquets create that pleasant and gentle white / yellow effect. They are also a symbol of spring, of the awakening of nature, when they begin to appear in the sunny meadows, but still slightly covered with snow is a symbol that good weather is coming and therefore the daisy is also the bearer of vitality and smell of spring.

Bunches of flowers: The lily of the valley. Alone or in company

The bouquet of lily-of-the-valley flowers is very unusual to see alone. It is a flower often used as a filler of roses or other, rather inflated by the brides who walk the aisle and who will then throw the same to their hopeful friends. Yet the small and perfect flowers that recall the white porcelain of the eighteenth century are absolutely suitable for keeping the scene on their own, indeed a small composition created with bell-shaped flowers is really a way to make an unexpected surprise for a friend a delicate soul that certainly will appreciate that union of white dots in the midst of their own dark green leaves.
The possibilities of weaving and combining the different floral species and the meanings that these crosses are able to assume are really many, here we have explored only a small part, this could therefore be a valid starting point for how much the best ambassadors of your feelings remain you yourself, therefore, it is up to you to attribute the meaning you want to your floral creation and in doing so there will be no possibility of error.


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