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Recently the craze of building wooden houses is spreading in Italy. The houses represent a completion of furniture for a garden, a terrace or a garage. There are different types of houses: those for storing work tools, indispensable for storing not only objects to clean plants and garden such as: watering cans, buckets, scissors, shovels, spades, shears, but also clothing such as: boots, overalls, gloves, hats , waterproof pants, etc. etc. There are mini houses to accommodate four-legged friends, an optimal solution to keep them cold on cold winter nights, or there are play houses for children, those that are hinged and to finish those for birds. The wood is certainly the material with which you can work better because it is strong and robust. Made from tree trunks, it is formed from cellulose, hemicellulose and wood. Once it is cut and seasoned, it can be used for various types of use: construction of the building material, construction of the paper, formation of sculptures, construction of kitchens and cabinets. It is possible to build the houses independently, clearly the amount of wood varies according to the structure we have to do, for example to build a storage room, the wood used will be very large compared to that used to build a dog kennel. Moreover, there are many advantages that can be obtained. First of all, build to have fun and have fun alone or in company, save economically because buying a wooden house that has already been made costs considerably and finally having the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.

Wooden houses used as storage rooms

One of the most widespread hobbies is gardening. There are many people who love to take care of plants and the garden. If you want to take care of a green space, it is important to also have the right tools. To avoid leaving the work material scattered around the garden, which in addition to creating an unsightly effect, can be subject to deterioration, due to rain and sunlight, it is useful to keep the tools in a closet or even better, in a wooden house , so as to prevent them from being damaged. The houses do not have to be many large, better if they have windows and above all it is enough that they are comfortable and that they adequately repair the objects. It is possible to find many varieties of houses on the market, even if the most widespread and requested are those in wood and lately also those in fireproof PVC, a material very resistant to all types of weathering. They differ mainly in the type of assembly, for example those built in PVC, they are very simple to build and the packaging is provided with easy instructions for its realization. The PVC houses have two types of roof: a floor that gives the structure a square or two-pitched appearance, therefore sloping. While those in wood, are equipped with screws and metal parts that are used to mount them and connect the various parts together. Very often, however, you can find interlocking houses, so very easy to assemble. Prices vary according to the size of the houses, the bigger they are, the more they cost.

When adopting a dog, think carefully because an animal needs care and love. In addition to vaccinating it, feeding it and treating it, it is essential to think about the kennel, especially if the dog will sleep in the garden. It is possible to create a doghouse that will be proportionate to the size of the animal. The dog needs space, so even if you make a little house a little more abundant, it's fine anyway. The main thing when building a kennel is to get a pine panel of 300x200cm and about 3 cm thick, four 0.5 cm feet and screws to connect everything. It is good to create an excellent thermal insulation, since the structure will have to be placed outside, and therefore it will have to repair the dog from cold and rain and in summer it will have to protect it from the heat. It is essential that the floor is lifted off the ground and that the roof is sloping. It is preferable to use wood as a material, because it is more resistant, even if plastic beds are often found. It is also possible to add a curtain to the opening of the kennel, so as to further protect our animal. It is easy enough to build a birdhouse. It is essential to hang the house in a place sheltered from wind and rain that can be a wall or a tree, in short, far from places that can harm birds.The attached houses

When you have a large space it is possible to put some attached houses. The houses are convenient for storing work tools. They are very large and can be made of wood or metal. It is also possible to make them with the faidate or buy them directly. To build a leaning house you need to contact the Municipality and get the permit, as there are rules to be respected. First you need a building permit, or a building permit, and the same reasoning applies to window and door modifications. The first thing to do is get the material to build them. You will need: six square-section poles, nails, raw fir beads, tiles, hammers, brushes for water products, spirit level, plumb line, metal supports for poles and some good will.