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Gardening tools

Professional gardeners and simple enthusiasts know that in order to work at their best, they need the right tools. This guide examines the various tools and their maintenance.

The indispensable

Whether in the garden or at home, it is necessary to have some tools that constitute the gardener's "basic equipment". It is advisable to purchase garden centers or DIY stores for purchase. The tools must be light and easy to handle. Better to spend a few euros more and take home better quality tools that last longer and make work less tiring.
The most important gardening tool is the spade, precious for moving and aerating the soil, for digging holes in which to plant the plants but also to fertilize the plants already planted. The handle can be more or less elongated and the wooden one, although more expensive, is more comfortable especially when used for a long time. The metal blade (preferably made of stainless steel) is triangular, flat. If you want to use it to perform deep workings on the ground, it may be useful to insert a metal element protruding from the handle into the end of the handle that allows you to press the blade with your foot up to a depth of 20-30 cm. Depending on the use, there are spades with a trapezoidal, square or rectangular blade, useful for working a particularly hard soil or when it is necessary to make a precise cut of the clods.
The shovel is a variant of the spade with the slightly convex blade. It is useful for digging the soil and moving large quantities of earth, sand and leaves. To avoid straining your back too much, it is best to use it by slightly bending your knees.
Another basic tool is the rake. Its uses are many in cleaning and in the garden, to spread the fertilizer, remove the dried leaves and level the soil before sowing. It consists of a long handle terminating in a series of elongated teeth arranged in a radial or comb shape. A good rake should be light and have about 10-14 teeth.
Variants of the rake are the metal broom, used to sweep away the dry leaves and the rake breaks up lumps which has metal toothed wheels in the bar that are used to break the clods of earth after digging it.
The hoe consists of a rectangular blade that is sharp, elongated, almost perpendicular to the handle. It serves to move the soil to the surface and to add the fertilizer to the plants already planted. There are also hoes with two or more teeth. The blade can also be trapezoidal, triangular or drop-shaped.
To take care of the plants it is finally necessary to have a pair of scissors to prune, trim, cut the flowers. There are many types, each dedicated to a specific function. The choice depends on the use to be made of it. The important thing is that it is equipped with resistant and well sharpened blades and that the handle is ergonomic.
For hedges, usually large scissors with long handles and long blades are used. To prune tall branches, instead, a pruner is used, a tool with a sharp blade that is mounted on top of a long handle. The mechanism is governed by a cord that allows you to cut branches at 2-3 meters from the ground as long as they are not too large. For large branches the saw is necessary. The prices of these tools vary quite a lot from one brand to another and in the choice it is good to take into account the fact that blades of better quality are certainly more expensive but ensure a faster and more precise work.

Other useful tools

They are not indispensable but in certain situations it is useful to have other gardening tools at hand.
The nebulizer allows the phytosanitary treatments to be vaporized by spreading them evenly. The dimensions vary from those to be held in the hand to those to be loaded on the shoulder depending on the extension of the garden.
The billhook is a tool equipped with a robust curved blade used to cut branches and weeds. Even a small one is enough to attach to the belt.
The bulbs plant allows to dig small holes in which to plant the plants. Alternatively you can use a wooden stick with a large tip.
The sharp sharpening boxcutter is very useful for opening packages of gardening material or cutting strings and cords.
It is good to wear suitable clothing: warm and insulating in winter, light in color and light in summer. In all seasons it is advisable to wear sturdy and water-repellent shoes and wear work gloves. When using fertilizers or chemical products it is advisable to wear a mask and protective glasses.

Garden tools: Maintenance

To maintain their efficiency, garden tools require maintenance.
The blades and metal parts, if not used for a long time, must be oiled with a rag to prevent the formation of rust. If this has already been formed it can be removed with a metal scourer.
When pruning diseased plants, the tools used must be carefully disinfected to avoid transmitting the infection.
To avoid damaging the tools, it is preferable to hang them on the wall.


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