Flowers from tissue paper

Flowers from tissue paper

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Tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers bring joy and can really surprise us! Simple, "do it yourself", cheerful, cheap, do not wither, perfect for decorating tables and buffets in children's parties but also for informal occasions, at home or in the garden! There are a thousand versions.
Here is a very easy one to make.


to make the flower:
• scissors, lapis and all-purpose glue
• cardboard sheet
• common sheets, of the color whose leaves are to be made
• multiple sheets of colored tissue paper, of at least two colors
• plastic drinking straws, preferable in the folding version
• aluminum paper
to make the leaf / ticket (optional):
• paper and printer (or marker if you prefer to write by hand)
for the presentation:
• green florist sponge
• tissue paper (or aluminum) or if you prefer a container to put the sponge (baskets, glasses, cups, etc.)


Creation of the different parts of the flower: corolla, pistil and leaves
For the corolla draw on the card the model of the classic corolla crown: a circular disc, of a size ranging from 7cm to 10 cm in diameter, on whose edge you shape the apical roundness of at least 5 or 6 petals. Alternatively you can also simply cut out only one circle, always of the same size. Several layers of tissue paper are overlapped and then cut out following the pattern. If you use the model in the shape of a circle before separating the different layers of tissue paper, make cuts that go from the edge to the inside, with a different frequency and length and at your own pleasure but without exceeding the half of the circle radius on which one operates. You can either create simple cuts or remove small sectors of circumference.
At this point, the vellum corollas are cut out together. Then proceed to reassemble and mix more corollas of tissue paper of different colors and make a small hole in the center, using the tip of the scissors or a mattress needle. If you like it, you can also combine corollas of different shapes.
The pistil is the central part of the flower and will be made with small rectangles of aluminum paper. With the aluminum create cones and crumple them up, shaping them so as to obtain a small ball (the pistil of the flower) with a thin stem but not too much, able to enter right into the straw. The conical shape will help fix the straw that will act as a stem for our flower.
For the leaves we proceed again to the creation of a cardboard model that provides a rather long petiole, so that it can be wrapped and glued to the straw stem.


Insert the pistil in the small hole created in the middle of the superimposed corollas, so that only the aluminum ball that acts as a pistil remains visible in the upper part of the flower. The ball must be larger than the central hole. The aluminum shank, which passes through the hole is located under the corolla, is inserted into the straw, pressing and shaping it until it is stable. If a greater stability of the flower is desired (especially recommended if the flowers are to be placed outside or in a windy area), it is useful to apply a small amount of glue on the aluminum stem before inserting it into the straw.
Better results are obtained using tissue paper in tone-on-tone colors (pink and fuchsia, light blue, blue and blue) and / or in contrast with each other (white and red). For the choice of colors, let your imagination run wild or let yourself be guided by the theme of the party.

Tissue paper flowers: Presentation and use

For every floral decoration the presentation is fundamental. Since they are made of tissue paper, made with extremely inexpensive materials, the presentation must also be simple and consistent.
One solution is to create pretty bouquets, simply by placing more flowers on green florist sponge-lined paper blocks (colored or aluminum). Alternatively you can insert the florist sponge (shaping it with a trench or a knife) in wicker baskets, in small vases, or even in cups or colored glasses, and on it naturally insert the flowers to your taste.
I made these simple flowers made of tissue paper on the occasion of my daughter's baptism, using vellum of multiple colors, in shades of cream, yellow and orange. They are perfect for DIY parties, at home or in the garden. They have the advantage of being able to be prepared well in advance, they are extremely versatile and adaptable both to your own taste and to your needs (color of the tablecloths, dishes served or simply the environment in which we find ourselves). Finally, they can also become a small souvenir for guests. In this case it is possible to transform the leaf into a card celebrating the event, with the date and with a small sentence of thanks.