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Garlic property

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The garlic

Few vegetables can boast of having medicinal properties such as garlic which in modern phytotherapy has become a plant with decidedly exceptional virtues. Since ancient times, in fact, it was used to purify the body and to heal from the most varied kinds of diseases. Even the Roman soldiers used it widely in the process of wars or battles to strengthen their bodies. The garlic bulb has been counted among those plants that contain more curative components for the human organism and there is talk of about 400 species of pathologies that this precious element manages to cure with excellent results. Its benefit depends on a sulphurous substance present in the bulb and allicilina is its active ingredient which contains a valid antiseptic effect.

Healing properties

The benefits of garlic are so many we can't even imagine. It has an extraordinary power as a bactericide, so much so that it completely destroys microbes and prevents their proliferation. It is used as a powerful anti-aging agent and as a prevention against serious diseases. The circulatory system and the heart benefit greatly, because with the toning and balancing properties of garlic, the muscle tone of the heart is increased and the arteries are cleaned and the blood is fluidized in an exceptional manner. Although it appears strange, garlic helps a lot in difficult digestion and then removes intestinal worms especially in infants who have been infested. Hematologists and oncologists, have recently found and confirmed that the presence of garlic in food, promotes the destruction of bacteria and therefore this precious bulb, should be the essential condiment of almost all our dishes. Unfortunately, however, there are the olfactory effects that affect family life and especially work. The breath becomes very heavy and it is difficult to relate to the public. For this purpose and to remedy these unpleasant effects, in herbal medicine there are capsules that contain the extract of the bulb and are both tasteless and odorless. However, researchers have ruled that garlic works better when eaten natural and propose as an alternative to decidedly too heavy breath, the chewing of two roasted coffee beans just after taking garlic.

Which pathologies cure garlic

To specify all the pathologies that garlic can cure, it would certainly be necessary to write a treatise. We list the best known and those on which there has been an effective response. Garlic is first and foremost used as a prevention also in colds, in bronchitis, in the pimples of young people and even in Tuberculosis, a very serious illness that takes hundreds of people every year. In fact, garlic is able to awaken and strengthen the entire immune system by preventing some bacteria from entering our body and by taking on garlic, tears, sweat and other bodily secretions, they produce chemical elements that counteract the entry of viruses harmful. The tonsils, the adenoids, the spleen and also the thymic gland, attack these bacteria making them retreat and the only organisms of the human body, are able to destroy these germs. Garlic has the exceptional ability to act as a "sweeper" and to clean the blood that we all know carries oxygen to all the cells of our body and it is therefore extremely necessary that the veins are clean and free of contrasting agents . In addition, garlic greatly improves blood pressure allowing it to lower and people suffering from hypertension, after a cure with garlic, are able to regulate blood pressure even without the use of traditional drugs. Very useful for juvenile furunculosis, garlic is used in cosmetics because with it creams and ointments are prepared which are applied to the skin to free the pores from excess fat which allows the proliferation of unsightly pimples.

How to use garlic for healing preparations

For liver disorders it is used to prepare carrot juice using a centrifuge, mixed with the juice of a lemon. In this mixture three or four crushed garlic cloves are left to work for 10 minutes and then the mixture is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.
For kidney disorders, on the other hand, a drink prepared with 5 cloves of garlic boiled for half an hour in a liter of cold water is necessary. Everything is filtered and drunk at the beginning of an infection.
For throat irritations, three or four cloves of garlic mixed with well-filtered lemon juice are crushed in a mortar. You have to try very patiently, to send this liquid that you get, right on the part of the sore throat and if you swallow it, nothing happens unless you have stomach problems.
For problems of obstinate constipation, it is used to crush 3 cloves of garlic in a mortar and then add them to a tablespoon of honey dissolved in a little water. However, it must be remembered that, as these two elements are incompatible, strong attacks of diarrhea could occur which on the other hand could effectively help rid the intestine. If you use this preparation, watch your body's reactions carefully before continuing.

Garlic properties: How to prepare an infusion and a decoction of garlic

To make the garlic infusion, boil 5 or 6 cloves of garlic in plenty of cold water. When you go to filter the mixture, crush the slices in the colander trying to get all the water they have absorbed down into the glass. The infusion is preferably sweetened with raw honey.
The garlic decoction is made by diluting water with a minimum quantity of vinegar and then it is left to boil this mixture with 3 or 4 cloves of garlic. After about ten minutes from the time of boiling, the mixture is filtered and used to gargle or to soothe toothache caused by tooth decay. The rinses must be repeated several times during the day.


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