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Aloe vera sick

Aloe vera sick

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Question: aloe problems

Hi, a few months ago I bought an aloe vera plant that I immediately transplanted. Now I see that the tips of the leaves tend to dry and come off but otherwise the plant seems to me in good health (the leaves are beautiful fleshy and not soft). For now I am watering it about 2 times a week and for the pot I used a soil mixed with a little sand, maybe it is not enough draining? Or can it be the shallow vase? Furthermore the plant has already thrown three new seedlings, one I have detached and replanted but the others I have left for the moment, do you think it is appropriate to remove them to improve the growth of the mother plant?

Aloe vera sick: Answer: aloe problems

Dear Reader,
an aloe plant in full health has turgid and rigid leaves, beautiful sustained and not floppy, of a beautiful gray-green color; the fact that your plant has this aspect and has even produced side shoots, undoubtedly indicates that it is healthy and that it is in an ideal place. The slight drying of the leaves at the apex can simply be due to the very hot and dry climate, and in fact, if the plant continues to sprout, it should not give you any pain. Perhaps, for the summer period, it needs a little more water; simply try to water the plant more often during the warm period, always maintaining two weekly waterings in spring and autumn, and sporadic watering in winter. In spring it would be advisable to repot your plant, supplying it with a larger container, and a good soil for succulent plants, very draining and not particularly rich in humus.