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Question: why doesn't my fig fruit bear fruit?

Good evening, I have two large fig plants that have not matured since they developed spontaneously near the walls of my house and the many figs they produce before are beautiful and vigorous until they deflate and they all fall. I would like to know if it is a disease or must be grafted / but the plants are now large) Thank you

Fig plants: Answer: wild figs

Dear Gianni,
the fig plants that spontaneously develop in the Mediterranean area, are not actually ver and own figs, but of the caprifichi, or wild figs. The caprifichi have an aspect identical to the domestic figs, perfectly equal leaves, smooth and twisted stem; and above all they produce fruits that are practically identical to be seen; plus they produce them three times a year. Unfortunately the fruits of the caprifico are dry and not sweet, and therefore they are not at all suitable to be eaten. Most figs that develop from seed, in the wild, are caprifichi; while edible figs are usually produced from plants produced by cuttings or from caprificus plants grafted with edible figs. So, you can make your wild figs produce sweet, fleshy fruits by grafting them, in the shape of an apple or a split; since these are very large plants, I advise you to contact an agronomist, at an agricultural consortium or a nursery, who can come to graft the figs on them. First of all because in order to graft two large plants it will be necessary to cut all the foliage (and therefore, clearly, if the graft does not take, you will remain without trees), secondly because in any case we must contact a well-stocked and serious nursery to find the fig tree scions to be grafted. Since there are two trees, you can also think of grafting two different varieties of figs, perhaps with different maturation times, otherwise you will find yourself with an excessive amount of fruits that all ripen within a few weeks. I understand that figs are very good, that friends can be many, and that fig jam is delicious, but in a few years you would find yourself with various boxes of ripe figs, which unfortunately perish over the course of a day if you harvest them ripe and sweets.