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Dracena to be pruned

Dracena to be pruned

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Question: what to do with a very tall dracena?

hi, when I got married 21 years ago they gave me a 15 cm dracena. Now it has become a tree with three spindles, one of which is about 5/7 cm in diameter. Unfortunately I am in the city and the plant is placed on the balcony. His height worries me now, having reached the upper balcony with the tip of the high leaves (3.20 m). How can I do? I had thought of making cuttings of the tallest stem but is it possible that it preys or instead is very likely to die? I await news thanks for the time placed at my disposal. Mary

Dracena to prune: Answer: prune the dragon trees

Dear Mary,
when plant producers prepare yucca and dracene for potting, they simply take stem cuttings from large plants; this is possible because the dragon trees tend to germinate quickly after being pruned, and to root quickly if they are used as cuttings. Therefore, it will be very simple to prune your dragon tree, giving rise to a lower specimen, and better manageable on the terrace, and to a new specimen, obtained using the part cut as a cutting. The cutting can be placed in the same pot together with the other two plants, or in a new pot. So, cut without worrying too much, but remember to make a clean and clean cut, which you will cover with pruning putty, so as not to let excessive lymph out and to prevent diseases or bacteria from entering the wound. This stem will sprout over a few weeks, producing perhaps even more than a head of long leaves. The taken cuttings will be immersed in the rooting and buried hormone; insert the stem into the ground until it is able to support itself without the need for help. The two plants thus obtained will have to be watered as usual, when the soil is dry.


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