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Balcony greenhouse

Balcony greenhouse

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On our terrace there is not the possibility of putting a small greenhouse also? Don't worry, just build one vertically along the wall. It is a matter of creating a metal structure to be fixed to the balcony wall and then covering it with plastic or rigid transparent polycarbonate sheets. The mini greenhouse will be divided by shelves on which we will put our vases. First of all we will have to identify the wall close to our house that will be as sheltered as possible and, after having procured some plugs, a drill and enough shelves to support our pot holders, we will start the work by fixing to the wall the pieces on which we will rest shelves where to place above our plants that will have to stay in the greenhouse to be sheltered from the bad weather and the cold. At this point we will pull a transparent nylon sheet and fix it to the highest shelf that we will have left empty and we will stop it in the lower part (the one that touches the ground) with stones to prevent it from lifting in case of wind but ensuring a softness sufficient for being able to give way to the air to circulate internally. To guarantee our plants the best possible conditions, every day in the central hours, we will open the greenhouse to aerate it so that we do not create molds that would be harmful but, if one of our plants had some veil of mold, we must have the foresight of leave the plant uncovered for at least a day and then put it back indoors at night.Balcony greenhouse for small vases

If we have small pots, the ideal solution is to store them during the winter in a wooden box covered with glass polycarbonate to allow insulation from the outside but with the possibility of filtering a lot of light and, if purchased in kit to assemble, the assembly will be really simple. The measurements are reduced with a height of 45cm, the width of 100cm and the depth of 65cm. Only problem: these items have a fairly high cost.

Traditional greenhouses for pots of various sizes

The most recent models of terrace greenhouses they have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing even in summer when, deprived of the protective cover, they will be transformed into useful space-saving shelves. The most traditional and easy to assemble is the classic house-shaped greenhouse with adjustable shelves, PVC coating and UV filter, the structure in rustproof galvanized metal and with two side hinges that allow an easy opening to take care of the plants that are inside.

Alternative greenhouse to store in the summer

Another alternative to have the possibility to put our jars in the winter in the winter months is from the mobile greenhouse that we can easily dismantle and store in its case during the summer. This product is made of PVC, resistant to UV rays, it allows to take advantage of the sunlight to enter at its maximum, it has an opening suitable for internal ventilation, a floor covering made of insulating material and with a vent that allows proper ventilation. The structure has the appearance of a camping tent, sturdy and resistant even to strong winds. The model is produced in various sizes starting from a height of 100cm and a diameter of 160cm up to a height of 280cm for a diameter of 340cm.

Corner greenhouses to make the most of the terrace space

Another solution if we have a corner to be exploited on our balcony, it is the "corner greenhouse" always formed by a PVC structure and with the characteristics of the other models described above but with the particularity that the plans that compose it are made in order to take advantage of a part of the terrace sheltered by two walls, optimizing the space to the maximum. Also of this article there are various dimensions like the one, for example found on the internet on a specific portal for the sale of gardening articles, which measures 55cm for each side x 157cm in height with a cost around 30 euros.