Olive tree bonsai

Olive tree bonsai

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Characteristics of the olive bonsai

Although it mainly prefers the external environment, the olive bonsai, as most of the fruit bonsai (from the apple tree to the peach tree, from the mandarin to the chestnut) lives without problems even in the internal environments, and therefore in the apartment, provided it can count on conditions similar to those typical of the natural habitat. As for the olive tree, we are dealing with an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean area. The original tree has a long-lived and massive structure, with the characteristic trunk, rich in cavities, twisted on itself, almost divided into different parts. The wild species, on the other hand, has a structure with reduced dimensions, and is therefore more suited to the creation of a bonsai.

The purpose of pruning, for this species, is to thin out the foliage in such a way that any point of the plant can receive sunlight and heat. During the year, then, to the topping and the training pruning it is necessary to add maintenance interventions which consist in the removal of broken branches, branches with an irregular pattern or branches affected by attacks of parasites. As far as the intervention modalities are concerned, it is advisable to use small shears whose blades, which are necessarily very sharp, have previously been disinfected.