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Extendable garden tables

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The garden perhaps represents the area where it is possible to indulge in moments of relaxation and in which to let yourself be lulled by an authentic feeling of well-being. Therefore it is important to find the right solutions and ideas to furnish it, transforming it into a real living space.

Why choose an extendable garden table

What a beautiful sunny day! Just today we have friends for lunch! It would have been nice to have been able to accommodate them all in the garden, but the small round table we chose to buy to furnish the garden corner, to the extent that it manages to contain 4, which is more uncomfortable, so we must be content once again to host our guests in the kitchen, wasting that beautiful day. Here technology helps us and with it the invention of the extendable table. A table that still remains the most suitable solution for those who have problems with space (or friends !!) and can easily be used comfortably even in the garden, thanks to the use of innovative materials and customized chemical treatments, which manufacturing companies, have, especially in recent years, experimented, in order to guarantee a longer product life, safeguarding it from the aggression of atmospheric agents. Hence the use of materials that are already natural lend themselves to guaranteeing greater resistance over time, such as teak being rich in an oily resin that makes it resistant to lignivorous insects.

The different types proposed

It is essential to find the right compromise between modern or traditional design solutions, essential or refined shapes, without having to sacrifice to taste for style, comfort, functionality and above all the usefulness of the furnishing solutions proposed by many manufacturers, all unanimous in believing that the best furnishing solution is undoubtedly the one that best reflects one's personality, adapting to any architectural style and any environment if the combinations are made with taste. The choice that the wide panorama of outdoor furniture, constantly looking for style and elegance, offers us is a technical and stylistic solution that is able to respond to an aesthetic harmony, however, devoted to comfort and well-being.
Infinite solutions and ideas proposed. We move from modern design to the more traditional one, from essential forms to the most refined ones and the love for the past combined with innovation is also expressed through the choice of materials and the coating offered by the numerous companies that populate the sector. So you can pass from teak tables of every color variant, no longer the usual wood color, but the more bizarre and eccentric shades, to the more traditional style, which recalls a liberty setting recalled by the use of wrought iron. The only common thread is the possibility of easily increasing the number of seats. So with just a few simple steps you can switch from 4 to 6, 8 up to 14 seats. In addition to the materials, the variegated possibility of choice is also proposed in the forms, so in addition to the traditional rectangular extensible table, it will also be possible to lengthen the round or square table and even transform square tables into round and stackable round tables.

Extendable garden tables: Proposed methods of extending the table

Each extendable table can also have different types of extension. In fact, there are on the market practical tables equipped with one or even two extensions placed at the center of the table and totally hidden, thanks to the closing system with hinges usually made of steel. Some companies also offer variants of extendable squared tables, which through the use of four extensions transform the table from square to round, increasing the number of seats up to a maximum of 10 seats. To lengthen the table, simply unhook the two hinges on the sides of the table and slide the two parts of the table along the appropriate lines to open the table, so as to pull out the extension that is hidden in the center. These are tables that should be positioned in the center of the garden and that normally have a joint on the top: the 2 parts that make up the top slide in opposite directions and allow the lifting (automatic or manual) of the extension placed in the center. Other proposals provided by the companies provide different stretching techniques. The extension is hidden under one side of the table, resting on a rod of the same covering as the table. At the moment of lengthening, after having lifted it slightly by hand, the structure placed at the base of the table will simply slide, sliding along the guidelines placed at the edges and positioned at the opposite end. At this point the extension is extracted, which usually measures approximately eighty or ninety centimeters, this is interlocked with the base of the table that has slid and rests on the perimeter legs of the table. Today the manual extension system, some companies propose the alternative of models characterized by "assisted" mechanical movements which are certainly more appreciated by users due to the use co-modality. mechanic two feet of the table and so in a few simple moves it will be possible to add not one, but "many" places at the table.
First we proceed to the lengthening of the structure with the displacement of the perimeter legs; then with the extraction of the extensions.


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