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Taking care of your home by inserting the right furnishing accessories, it is a practice that many people use to personalize their homes and make them original in the eyes of their guests, who will have the pleasure of being welcomed in home environments. To really furnish both the interior and the exterior of a home with taste, it is possible to insert decorative vases that besides being very functional, since they are suitable to contain any type of decorative material, also act as decoration for the home environments, fully enhancing the corners of the house and making any room elegant.


There are furnishing vases suitable for any type of environment and architectural style, in fact it is possible to find modern style vases for those who have a house that follows the minimalist and contemporary lines, ethnic vases for those who want to furnish their home in an exotic and particular style. while there are also classic furnishing vases that adapt to every type of environment, because the classic never sets and always manages to show off its elegance. There are also many materials used to make furniture vases, from wood, to PVC, to ceramics, to terracotta, up to natural fibers, in order to satisfy the needs of each person.


A material that is widely used for the creation of furniture pots is wood, as it allows to adapt to any type of architectural style and allows to enhance any environment, releasing its intrinsic elegance; moreover, thanks to its malleability, the wood can be easily decorated with inlays and personalized motifs to make the vases even more elegant and special. It is a 100% eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically degraded without causing any kind of damage to the external environment; the wood used for the furniture pots is called solid wood and indicates the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees to give the vase greater strength and durability over time. The wooden furniture pots need a fair amount of maintenance, in order to fully show off their elegance and enhance the home.


PVC also appears to be a highly appreciated material for building decorative vases, thanks above all to its resistance to temperature changes and weather; in fact for this reason PVC furniture pots can be used indifferently for both indoor and outdoor use. This material, recently discovered, has enjoyed considerable success in the field of doors and windows and furnishing accessories, since it is water repellent, fireproof and does not fear humidity or acid attacks, thus succeeding to always maintain the same appearance throughout the duration of its use. Although it is a derivative of petroleum, PVC used for furnishing vases is a non-polluting material, since at the end of its use it can be recycled entirely and used for the formation of other objects of any kind; this material is usually used for modern and contemporary style vases, as it can take on every type of color and shape. Furthermore, PVC does not need excessive maintenance, since it can also be cleaned only with the help of a damp cloth.


Another material widely used for the creation of decorative vases, is the ceramic, very elegant and intrinsically shining, which manages to give the home environments a very special appearance; it is a material that is resistant to both heat and cold and does not fear attacks of acids or chemical people of any kind. Ceramic furniture pots are highly resistant to impact and scratches, in fact they retain their original appearance for a very long time; the ceramic is simple to clean and is harmless for the environment, being a natural material.


Terracotta is the most used material for any type of vase, even for decorative vases, since it is a very resistant and also very light material; this material allows plants or any other type of home decoration to be accommodated inside, since being natural, it is not perceived by the plant as foreign to its nature, but is fully adapted to its characteristics. The terracotta used for decorative vases can be decorated according to personal needs and adapts to any type of furnishing and architectural style.


Even natural fibers are an excellent alternative for decorative vases, especially for those vases in ethnic style, for which materials of natural origin are preferred; moreover, natural fibers do not need excessive maintenance and can be easily moved from one place to another in the home. Being completely natural, these fibers do not harm the environment, but safeguard it from all points of view.


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