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Rock garden project

Rock garden project

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It is a fast-growing evergreen bushy plant, flowery and very fragrant, which forms thick tufts.It has rigid herbaceous stems, up to 1 meter in height, which hold narrow leaves and elongated silvery green.The flowers are small and gathered in spike inflorescences with a typical purple color, very fragrant.The plant is resistant and easy to adapt since it is a rustic variety.It prefers well-drained soils, preferably a limestone component.FERN

It is an evergreen or semi evergreen herbaceous plant depending on the variety.
It has underground rhizomes from which erect stems of rigid consistency depart.
The leaves are pinnate or bipinnate, with a lamina provided with evident veins, of bright green color, with slender, arched or hanging posture.
The plant forms thick and ornamental tufts, suitable for being housed in the vicinity of rocks and stones, as it prefers fresh and shady areas.
It lives well on fertile and well-drained soils, even if kept in pots.


It is a perennial herbaceous plant, flowering, with creeping development, very suitable for covering rocks and stones, also for its great adaptability.
It has a herbaceous stem covered with bristly hairs, which supports rough, heart-shaped or lanceolate leaves, of an intense green color.
The hermaphroditic flowers are gathered in very showy inflorescences, with variable colors between purple, violet, blue and blue.
The fruits are hairy capsules with pendulous shape, containing many seeds.
The plant prefers soils with an alkaline component and does not tolerate acid ones, it must be exposed to areas with good sunshine, even if it adapts well to any weather condition.


It is an evergreen shrubby plant, which has the characteristic of growing on rocks, stones and even in the fissures of walls.
It has woody stems in the basal portion that become apically herbaceous, covered with petiolate, fleshy leaves and covered with a thick hair.
The flowers are large, showy, very fragrant and white or pink.
The fruit is a green elongated capsule externally and internally pinkish, in the pulpy area, edible for humans.
The plant lives well on drained, sand-enriched, crumbly soils.
It must be exposed to light, as it prefers mild climates.
It has excellent adaptability and is used to create aromatic and decorative bushes.

Rock garden project: MIRTO

It is an evergreen shrubby plant with a bushy habit, with stems up to 3 meters high, covered with a reddish-yellow bark.
The leaves are oval, glabrous and shiny, dark green.
The flowers are solitary, with a corolla formed by 5 distinct petals, white or pink, with a very intense aroma.
The fruits are oval-shaped berries with a fleshy consistency and a blue color.
The plant lives well on all types of soil, provided it is drained; prefers those with a neutral or basic component.