Carrot juice

Carrot juice

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Carrot juice

Raw or cooked, it does not lose its nutritional properties and contains a cocktail of valuable active ingredients for the body and the skin. This is the carrot, an "inexpensive" vegetable that can be found today at the greengrocer's stall at any time of the year. It is well known that fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw because cooking generally alters their nutritional values. It is a rule that however does not apply to the carrot and which can be neglected when using a short or steamed cooking. In addition to being eaten, the carrot can also be used to prepare delicious "multivitamin" juices, with a very sweet taste, ideal for supplementing the nutrition of adults and children. You can drink them alone or with the addition of other ingredients. To prepare them, all you need is a simple blender. The properties of the carrot are known to all: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-aging and even anti-cancer. They are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, B vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral salts, fiber and protein. The carrot has always been known as the vegetable that strengthens the sight, thanks to the massive presence of vitamin A, and that favors tanning. In fact, there are many creams that exploit the properties of beta-carotene. The carrot is also indicated for treating growth disorders and in states of vitamin deficiencies. It is purifying and refreshing. Due to its remineralizing action, it can be used in tooth decay. Furthermore, in children it promotes the growth of bones and teeth. Often recommended by doctors and pediatricians for the treatment of intestinal disorders, the carrot has both anti-diarrheal and laxative properties. Nutritionists always include it in diet programs because this vegetable has very few calories: in one hundred grams of raw carrot, in fact, there are only forty. It is used to fight infections and is also anti-anemic, since it promotes the increase of red blood cells. Recent studies would even call it "anti-tumor", showing that habitual consumption of carrots could reduce the chances of developing cancer.


Preparing a delicious fruit or vegetable juice is really simple but often, for reasons of time or inertia, you prefer to buy it at the supermarket. It is obvious that the taste is decidedly different, since those "bought" are enriched with preservatives and colorings, and in any case cannot compare with, in nutritional terms, a drink prepared in a completely natural way. It is enough to have at home one of those modern appliances, called centrifuges, to get delicious juices in just a few minutes, which the bar or supermarket usually pay dearly for. Of course, today there are also discounters who offer cheap drinks, but when it comes to protecting their health, savings are relative. For this reason it is better to opt for the do-it-yourself solution and follow these simple tips: first of all you have to wash the quantity of carrots you want to consume well, then you have to scrape the peel in the dirtiest parts being very careful not to remove it ( in fact, the nutrients are right there). After performing these two operations, you have to cut the carrots into small pieces and put them inside the typical food processor, which, with the force of its centrifuge, will process the vegetable flesh allowing you to automatically separate the juice, which will be merged into a special glass. Who does not have this type of appliance can also use a simple blender, perhaps adding a little water to produce a drink that is not too pulpy.
If you wish, you could also use lemon and orange juice, for example obtaining a concentrate of vitamins A and C. The juices thus prepared can be consumed at the moment or poured into glass bottles, to be kept in the refrigerator. It is recommended to use airtight closures to avoid loss of vitamins and minerals. Like all juices, it is necessary to shake it well before pouring it into the glass, since, usually, the pulp is deposited on the bottom of the bottle.


As well as being a real “panacea” for the health of adults and children, carrot juice can also be used for skin care. Vitamin A, in fact, makes it smooth, soft and supple and counteracts free radicals, the main causes of wrinkles, pimples and dermatitis. Who does not want to buy the classic moisturizers on the market, can also prepare a face mask at home by blending carrots and yogurt. The pulp obtained is then applied to the face for twenty minutes. On rinsing, you can touch a smoother and more velvety skin. In addition to face masks, always at home, you can also prepare a body oil. To obtain this potion it is necessary, however, to obtain ten grams of dried carrot root to be soaked in a hundred ml of oil. Once ready, this solution, ideal for dry skin, can be massaged all over the body. The skin will be soft and supple. Carrot juice, moreover, thanks to vitamin A, helps protect the skin from UV rays and, at the same time, stimulates the production of melatonin, thus favoring a rapid tanning of the skin. For this reason, it is advisable to drink carrot juice before sun exposure.