Lavender oil

Lavender oil

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The benefits of lavender oil

Known since ancient times for its beneficial properties, lavender oil presents itself as a product with a thousand benefits, even ideal as a first aid remedy thanks to its healing and antiseptic action.

Against burns, cuts, scratches and burns

It can be used, for example, to treat small burns caused by fire or sun: it is sufficient, in fact, to use a few drops of essential oil, be it pure or diluted with aloe (five milliliters of aloe gel for five pure lavender oil drops) to obtain refreshing, healing and soothing properties. Only a few applications are needed to effectively decongest and regenerate the skin while avoiding the development of an infection caused by bacteria. A similar preparation is very useful also for scratches and small cuts. Still on the subject of burns, to avoid those caused by the sun falling sharply in the summer months, it is possible to make an after-sun spray lotion by mixing half a liter of natural mineral water with forty drops of lavender oil: this creates a compound to be preserved. in the fridge in a spray container, which can be used to tone tired limbs and refresh the skin several times in a day.

Fight against skin blemishes and circulation problems

This essential oil, in any case, represents a phenomenal tool also in the fight against skin blemishes, be they cellulite, stretch marks or orange peel. Mixing lavender oil in equal parts with hazelnut oil, in fact, gives rise to an ideal nourishing compound for relaxed and atonic skin, with astringent properties. Even those who suffer from circulatory problems can find considerable relief in the use of lavender oil: by combining a liter of sunflower oil with two hundred ten milliliters of lavender oil, in fact, a special aid is created for those suffering from problems of circulation, both lymphatic and sanguine. The oil obtained, in fact, can be massaged on the ankles and on the aching and swollen joints in order to reactivate the circulation. Naturally, when massaging the ankle, the movement to be performed must be in the direction of the knee, so as to stimulate and favor the return of the blood flow, towards the heart, preventing liquids from remaining in the lower limbs. The use of sunflower oil is explained by the fact that this product is abundant in vitamin E, and above all has the advantage of not greasing: in this way, the massage can be performed even before going to sleep. Furthermore, not everyone knows that lavender oil is an excellent remedy against seborrheic dermatitis and any problems that may arise, such as eczema, dermatitis and oily hair. It is a disorder more widespread than what we are led to think, which comes into action especially during the seasonal changes manifesting itself with inflammations in the face, especially around the nostrils and on the eyebrows: on the skin, which has taken on a reddish color , whitish sebaceous scales appear, which cause a sensation of itching, a consequence of a fungal or bacterial infection. Well, lavender oil helps to contain the allergic state, balancing the level of sebum and relieving inflammation: the ideal preparation involves mixing one hundred milliliters of jojoba oil with forty drops of pure lavender, and it must be applied in the morning and in the evening on the face insisting on the most inflamed points. The applications on the face, moreover, also allow to recreate an anti-age effect, limiting the presence of dark spots by virtue of the regenerating properties of lavender: in this case, just mix fifty milliliters of rosehip oil with thirty drops of essential oil .

Relieve stressful situations

It is worth remembering, on the other hand, that lavender not only acts on the physical, but also on the mind and on the nervous system: the aroma of the oil, in fact, provides a feeling of inner peace and balance, alleviating the stress, reducing tension, decreasing heart beats. It is a product, therefore, indicated for premenstrual syndromes that show excessive aggressiveness: it is sufficient to massage the neck, temples and base of the hair with a little oil to contain tension, improve anxiety and the headache that has intensive origin.

Lavender oil: Other uses

Of course, lavender oil can also be used for other purposes: for example to house fragrance, spreading it in rooms through aroma lamps or humidifiers. In particular, a mixture of ten drops of lavender oil, two drops of grapefruit oil and four drops of lemon oil can be used in aroma lamps: a drop per square meter is sufficient to give the room a new atmosphere . On the other hand, nothing prevents you from spraying this aroma even on the pillow, so as to favor a relaxed and peaceful sleep, for both adults and children. Finally, tired and capricious children can be calmed before they go to bed to sleep with a relaxing bath, in which drops of lavender oil and chamomile oil have been added to the water.