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Gardening accessories

Gardening accessories are essential for proper plant maintenance and care, and using the right accessory makes it even easier for the most strenuous work.


Many experienced gardeners but also simple enthusiasts with a green thumb know perfectly well that to work a garden correctly and optimally it is advisable, if not essential, to avoid improvisations by equipping yourself with the right accessories to make your work easier.
In recent years, the gardening sector has undergone a great evolution, which has allowed those who love gardening to have accessories available to keep the garden tidy. There are hundreds of garden decoration accessories on the market, different from each other for use and for the material with which they are created. It is advisable to choose among those of better quality, in fact the quality of the product also indicates a more lasting use.
Basic gardening accessories can be divided into two categories: manual accessories and mechanical accessories.


The accessories for manual gardening, are those that are used more frequently, are simple to use and have a cost not excessively expensive.
The basic manual accessories are: the spade, the rake, the scissors and the hoe,
La Vanga: it is one of the fundamental accessories for gardening, it is used to work the soil, to move the clods of soil, to create holes to plant the plants, to uproot a plant, to mix fertilizers or drainage materials and to move leaves.
This accessory has a fairly long handle and a flat triangular or trapezoidal shaped metal blade, ideal for softer terrains. A valid substitute for the Vanga can be the shovel, it has the same characteristics as the spade, it has a slightly cup-shaped shovel and is larger.
The Rake: the rake together with the spade are the fundamental accessories for gardening. The rake is used to clean the garden of foliage or dry weeds, to align the soil before planting the plants and to spread the fertilizer evenly over the entire perimeter of the garden. The rake consists of a metal bar almost always of iron with numerous elongated and pointed teeth. A valid substitute for the rake can be the gallows, it is an accessory with four long teeth similar to the trident of Neptune, very useful for moving large quantities of foliage.
Scissors: scissors are essential for pruning, cutting and trimming. There are different shapes and sizes. The choice of scissors is very subjective and mainly dependent on economic availability. In fact, there is a multiplicity of scissors, among the most innovative there are scissors equipped with gear and jack used to reduce the effort required to cut the branches of small and medium size.
The Zappa: more frequent use of the hoe is to move the soil to the surface in order to aerate it or to fertilize the plants already in the house. For the more experienced, the hoe is ideal for creating flowerbeds creating small reliefs of land. The hoe consists of a fairly sharp rectangular blade, almost perpendicular to the handle.
Besides these basic accessories for garden care it is advisable to also use nebulizers for insecticidal and fungicidal treatments


The mechanical accessories for gardening are those that are used with less frequency, but useful because they facilitate the work making it less tiring even if they have a more expensive cost than the manual ones.
The most used mechanical accessories are: the electric hoe, the leaf blower and the electric saw.
The Elettrozappa: useful for soil care, it allows you to move the soil without straining your back. This accessory has a high-performance motor that is simple to use with two blades that penetrate deep into the ground and move it without any additional effort.
The blowing leaves: blowing leaves allows you to keep the garden tidy without the use of rakes or brooms suitable for the garden, in fact it allows you to move the leaves with the wind blowing that the machine produces.
The electric saw: the electric saw has the same mechanical characteristics as the electric hoe. Thanks to this accessory it is possible to prune and cut plants without any physical effort. It is also useful for pruning hedges giving a uniform and tidy appearance.

Gardening accessories: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Gardening accessories can be purchased at any point of sale that specializes in garden care or in stores that sell agricultural tools. The purchase of these accessories can also be made on the internet, the only negative note that you will have to be satisfied with checking the product only through photos.
The costs of the accessories are not always standard, they vary according to the type of model chosen. Important to keep in mind that if you are dealing with accessories with specific characteristics, the cost increases.
Very important to remember that any accessory you intend to use is always preferable to use sturdy and water-repellent gloves and to prevent the gardening hobby from becoming an accident or a bad cold.