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Dried flowers for party favors

Dried flowers for party favors

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The gift market offers a wide range of items and objects suitable for any occasion, which however often risks being only a series approval, through which the memory is repeated everywhere and to anyone. How many times have you received duplicates? In order for a happy moment to be shared with one's friends and relatives in a personal and non-commercial way, a parsimonious and effective choice could be found in presenting oneself as artists and creators of one's favors.The dried flowers represent a touch of taste and refinement that is completely natural, unique in itself, since each flower can never be the same as another. The secret of dried flowers lies precisely in their uniqueness, or rather, nobody will ever be able to commercially reproduce the same flower commercially, since this will never be identical to others, both in shape and size.The dry flower lends itself to being prepared at home, to be created as the fruit of one's own imagination and preferences. Have you ever thought about the originality-cost ratio? A value of high creative, emotional but also economic value, since the cost would certainly be negligible.Which flowers can be dried

Any type of flower lends itself to drying. Some varieties are definitely more resistant to time, such as: roses, hydrangeas, gypsophila, pungi mouse, violets, daisies, astilbe, classic field blooms that require no purchase, but a healthy walk would be enough in the open air so that it can be picked. The dried flowers as well as a good duration in time, are hypoallergenic, they are also a tribute that tends not only to remember but also to furnish any type of environment, not all objects could be combined with the furnishings of those who will receive the favor. It is advisable not to forget this aspect, some even might not like your choice completely, often the objects destined to be favors are destined to be forgotten trinkets. The dry flower avoids all this.

Useful materials for making wedding favors

Obviously every wedding favor must be created with materials destined to distinguish it, the strong point is actually given also by the color of the same. First of all, it is advisable to always choose materials that can create an effect that refers to the naturalness of the object destined to be a favor, in this case the dried flowers.
The dried flower needs to be adorned with fabrics or materials that recall two particular aspects: delicacy and elegance. Jute and organza in pastel varieties are valid materials that highlight the particular color. Satin also lends itself to be a decorative material especially when its glossy surface contrasts with the rough surface of the dried corollas, a decidedly pleasant effect, in this regard it is advisable to use a light satin.
The dried flowers marry beautifully with the spikes, which could be of any type, not only of wheat but also oats and barley lend themselves to being very valid elements of decoration, since they often take the forms of some particular types of candy. .
Even the choice of the candy, especially if made on the basis of color, can be an accurate detail of originality. Buy confetti in tune with your flowers will surely leave you amazed who will receive your wedding favor.

Remember that a wedding favor is not a bouquet is a must. The favor must respond to the canons of originality, to some key ideas that can be: the creation of floral motifs with a geometric shape; arranged to compose initial entries; placed on ductile wire bases able to make the compositions almost sculptural supported by internal cages. It is advisable to create small compositions in order to be certain that the favor remains unaltered and does not become a simple bouquet of flowers, which would then be destined to be out of place and to depart from the real ultimate goal: to be a small remember a great moment.