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Make the garden

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Make the garden

Nowadays many people are passionate about gardening practices. As long as there is enough space and the desire to do, obtaining a perfect garden with attention to detail is a fun and rewarding undertaking. With the right commitment, the results will be surprising. Of course, we must prune the hedges as we should, take care of the plants, flowers and any vegetables that you intend to plant so that they come on rich and flowery; refine a beautiful lawn, set up flower beds and greenhouses, build walkways, place suggestive benches in wood or stone, but it is a practice that you can refine serenely even during the weekends. Rest assured that after some time and a little healthy elbow grease you can sit down to complete work, sip a good drink and proudly observe the beautiful garden that you have made your own, with your hands!

First of all, the lawn

When we think of the word garden, we are reminded of well-kept lawns, of a beautiful bright green; tranquility, joy, serenity. The image of a beautiful lawn even evokes the pleasant smell of grass, flowers and wood; the silence, the peace, the tranquility of a spring afternoon. A beautiful garden is rewarding for the sight, for the hearing, for the touch and, why not? Even for the taste!
Think of these images and ask yourself: where do I start? Of course, first of all there is the lawn!
Are you still far from that image of bliss that you made yourself? Then get to work!
First of all you have to get the right tools: hoe, spade, shovel; and then fertilizer. Yes, because your land needs to be laid down before it can accommodate a lawn in a workmanlike manner. So come on! We need to hoe in depth, level the ground unevenness and remove pebbles and bulky roots; eliminate weeds, weeds, branches and stems completely; to fertilize the earth well after having moved it. You did? Good. Now try to take a few steps on the ground. It's not a good feeling, is it? Sink because you forgot to roll it. Yes, because the next step is just rolling. It is good that the soil is well compressed to accommodate a garden. Trampling it, it will not sink into the earth and your precious lawn will not be ruined! Now you just need to wait for spring or autumn. Why? Because these are the sowing seasons! In fact, between April and May or between September and October you can proceed by sowing your soil abundantly and in abundance with carefully selected and quality seeds. Better not to do it in the rain or under the snow, right? Choose a beautiful sunny day, it will be much more pleasant for you and your land.
After sowing, arm yourself with a rake and cover everything by spreading a thin handful of soil. Give a nice watering and regroup the soil. Then, if you are tired, fold your arms and wait for the grass to grow!
She grew up? Good. Now that the grass is at least a dozen centimeters high, you can do the first shave: the more you do it over time, the more beautiful your lawn will be. And remember: water your garden often (in the morning or in the evening) in the warm seasons, otherwise it will dry out.

We also want to build a nice driveway

Before proceeding with the preparation of flower beds and spaces dedicated to any greenhouses, it is good to plan. In fact the best suggestion is to first of all build a nice path around which, later, you will settle the rest.
If you intend to save effort and have economic availability, you can contact specialized companies that will build a custom-made driveway. But in this case the satisfaction of having created it out of nothing with one's own hands would fail!
Here are some useful suggestions for building a beautiful do-it-yourself driveway.
One of the materials that best harmonizes with the garden environment is surely the stone paving. Remember to plan ahead the layout of the flower beds and any greenhouses before proceeding with the construction.
How to do? Simple: you have to arm yourself again with shovel, hoe and rake! Also get gravel, coarse sand and a common watering can. Rake the soil, remove the earth in regular layers with the shovel and press it firmly. You have to create a difference in height with respect to the garden level of at least twenty centimeters. Then, once beaten and pressed well, fill it with gravel for 6-8 centimeters and press again. Now cover the whole with sand and give yourself a nice spray of water. Done? Perfect. Now you can arrange the stones carefully, making sure they are flat, and admire the fruit of your efforts!

Make the garden: Flowerbeds: that touch of class

A garden that can be defined as such cannot exist without the spectacular presence of flowers. Colored flowers, perfumed, common or rare, with long or short stems; it does not matter. The flowers are beautiful and their place is in the garden!
First choose carefully the varieties you want to plant and check in which season they bloom: summer or spring?
Don't forget that flower beds and flowers need a lot of care. After flowering, some adjustment and containment operations may be necessary since the flowerbeds tend to spread. It is therefore good to operate the right maintenance and take care of every detail: from the support for the tallest flowers to the prunings, your time will be well used!