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It is good first of all to get organized. Good organization makes work easier and more manageable, saves time and effort and makes the maintenance of your garden more pleasant. Imagine what would happen if, determined to fix the lawn, you didn't find the right tool, having to look for it among heaps of old and rusty scrap metal? Or worse, if you didn't know which one to use? Good. To avoid these unpleasant incidents, equip yourself and organize yourself.Set up a tool shed, a garden shed or a small warehouse near your work area: it will be easier to carry heavy and bulky objects. In the most common garden shops you can find for sale some delicious wooden garden sheds available in various sizes and designs. Otherwise, if you are able, you can always build one with your hands, admiring with satisfaction the fruits of your hard work!In short, do as you prefer; the important thing is to have a place in which to cram the tools you will use to take care of your garden: a well-ventilated room will avoid the oxidation of the metal components of your tools, preserving them from the wear of time. It will also protect them from the effects of atmospheric agents such as rain, snow or frost. Yes, because, as we shall see, among the indispensable tools for a good maintenance of your garden there are also motor machines, which must be preserved and preserved in the best way to perform their function over time! With a small initial investment, you will avoid spending much more money on repairing your appliance or buying new equipment.In addition, a tool shed will be very useful for arranging shelving that can house the various products that you will use in your garden, such as pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and bulbs. A good pair of gloves, boots and aprons can be stored in your tool shed.WHAT ARE THE MAIN INSTRUMENTS

If you don't like the hypothesis that weeds, wild roots and weeds grow in your garden; in short, if you want to keep your garden always decent, beautiful and inviting, then you will have to make some useful purchases.


The lawn mower is indispensable. This tool is of fundamental importance to keep your garden in order according to your tastes. It is equipped with a petrol powered petrol engine or you can find it available in the most common garden shops in the electric motor version. In the latter case it will have a reduced autonomy a few hours before recharging, but you will be much happier not to breathe the exhaust odors produced by a conventional engine!


Very useful to order the garden keeping it always clean and decent is certainly the lawn mower. The lawn mower is a special tool on which an engine is mounted which, when operated, sets in motion an accessory whose rapid movement detaches the blades of grass in a flash! By directing it to the most inaccessible areas, you will be able to clean them as you wish, making you truly proud of your work. Trust me, it's strategic advice!

Hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer is also a very useful tool for treating and fixing the appearance of your hedges. To prevent them from growing in a totally anarchic and arbitrary manner, it is necessary to intervene with this instrument at least two or three times a year. You will avoid being overwhelmed by bulky and formless bushes! As I told you: useful! Indeed, indispensable!


Do not forget that in addition to lawn mowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, there is an incredible variety of adjuvant tools on the market which you cannot certainly do without. All those garden tools of reduced size that are used for the most common jobs you can easily buy them in the common garden shops or in DIY stores, which have them available in different sizes, sizes, colors and effectiveness. However, the choice of purchase depends in any case on your personal needs and those, naturally, of your lawn. All in all, however, we can reduce the choice to the essential by citing some of the most important ones.
Here below those of decidedly more common use.
The rake is used to collect all the grass you cut during maintenance work. It will facilitate accumulation and disposal. Also very useful for collecting stones to remove, it is a tool that certainly cannot miss you!
The sickle is essential to manually mow the grass in those areas where the lawn mower cannot reach.
Garden shears and special shears will be very useful for pruning the branches and flowers of your garden.
To pull up all the raked grass remaining on the lawn you can use a steel blade scarifier.
Now that you know all the main useful tools, all you have to do is start! Good job!