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Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture

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The wooden furnishings that are mostly present in the gardens of all those who love to decorate their green spaces rustically are instead represented by the classic wooden benches, by the grills, by the windbreaks, by the fences, by the gates, by the gazebos and by the flower boxes.The wooden benches normally have a metal structure on the side that is very useful in keeping the materials together, which can be recognized in most cases in thin solid wood rods, and can be made with or without the back. The gratings, windbreaks and fences are usually constructed by intertwining or crossing more or less thickly with small or medium-sized wooden rods that are quite thin and flexible. The gazebos are real structures made up of a square, round or rectangular shelter sometimes covered with sturdy fabric curtains or with a huge reclining sunshade. Finally, the planters are made by fixing compact wooden boards, joined together and shaped according to the chosen shape.wooden garden furniture: The wooden garden furniture for children

To the delight of children, there are wooden furnishings specifically designed for them, carefully worked with color and colored or glued using entirely natural products. In fact, there are wooden play houses on the market, built in such a way that 3 to 5 children can play safely in total. There are also two-storey wooden houses or, depending on your preference, raised a few centimeters, which can hold up to 300 kg. Other wooden garden furniture manufactured exclusively for the happiness and safe fun of children are the games: structures equipped with a slide, with playgrounds, with multiple swings, with raised bridges, with areas that can be filled with sand; in short, when it comes to children, the wooden garden furniture is really many. The materials chosen for the construction of the games and children's houses are usually represented by solid larch, cherry or walnut wood. In most cases they arrive home completely disassembled and ready for assembly: in order to correctly assemble them you must carefully read the manual supplied or contact a professional carpenter who, in addition to mounting it perfectly, will be able to add necessary screws or bolts to it.