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Furnishing the outdoor spaces of your home is a duty, but also a pleasure, for those who want to keep their garden tidy and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the house; for this reason it is good practice to place garden gazebos outside the houses, which besides being very functional, possess a great decorative power, in fact they allow to have lunches and dinners with friends and relatives, to spend relaxing moments in the company of dearest people. The garden gazebos also offer a safe shelter against the sudden storms that can be generated during the summer.


There are many models available for garden gazebos, among which the fixed ones and the folding ones stand out; the fixed are used by those who need an established place in which to place the gazebo, so as not to move it during its entire use. Instead the folding gazebos are used by those who want to move this small building to various parts of the garden; they are very easy to handle and light and, thanks to special hinges, they can be closed again without any additional effort. There are also many materials for the construction of garden gazebos, such as PVC, wood, aluminum and wrought iron.


PVC is an excellent material for the construction of garden gazebos, thanks to its multiple qualities and its advantages, in fact this material is very resistant and can last for many years. PVC is suitable for outdoor environments because it is able to withstand temperature changes well and does not fear the attacks of atmospheric agents, or the attacks of any type of acid, since it is a hydrophobic and fireproof material and is not prone to humidity ; although it is a material derived from petroleum, PVC is not polluting, because it is 100% recycled and used for the construction of other objects. Furthermore, PVC is an insulating material both in terms of noise and temperature, and its use saves on heating in winter and on air conditioning during the summer; thanks to its ductility, this material can be decorated and colored in any way, depending on the needs of each one.


Wood also holds a record among the materials used to build garden gazebos, since it is a natural material and integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment in which it is inserted; wood makes any setting elegant and gives the house a unique elegance. The wood used for the garden gazebos is the solid wood, that is the wood that is obtained directly from the trunk of the trees, to give the structure a durability and a greater solidity than the simple wood; moreover, it is a very ductile material and this allows it to be easily decorated with various types of inlays. Wood is a 100% eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically disposed of, without causing any damage to the surrounding environment, but safeguarding it. Wood needs constant maintenance to fully show off its characteristics of elegance and durability over time.


Another material used for the construction of garden gazebos is aluminum, a light but very resistant material that is easy to move; the particular composition of its molecules allows it to be immune from rust and therefore to be very suitable for outdoor environments without changing its original appearance throughout its life cycle. Being a very shiny material, the aluminum garden gazebos are used above all in shaded areas, because they are used to create new light points within the shade; It is a material that does not pollute the environment, because each element is recycled and reused in the construction of new furnishing accessories.


The wrought iron is configured as a material widely used for garden furnishings, and is also used for the construction of garden gazebos, since it is endowed with a pleasant elegance and is entirely handmade. Wrought iron can be shaped according to every type of need and personal taste, to be in harmony with the whole house; this material needs constant maintenance in order to last a long time and to always be as elegant and appreciable as on the first day.
Even the covering of the gazebos in the garden can be of different materials, but the most used is the plastic film which is waterproof and represents a convenient solution against atmospheric agents.