Lemon oil

Lemon oil

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Lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is good for our health, knowing how to best use its properties will help us to combat illness and alleviate its symptoms.


The main component of lemon essential oil is limonene, which gives it its characteristic and strong citrus fragrance. Lemon essential oil is an oily liquid characterized by the typical yellow color and with a decidedly bitter and burning taste, although it is not a product to be taken orally as it is.
One of the characteristics of this substance is that it is highly soluble in alcohol.
The best time to obtain the essential oil obtained from the lemon peel is the spring season, when the freshly ripened lemons give off their fragrance to the fullest.
Once extracted, lemon essential oil is used in many areas, from the food to the pharmacological and cosmetic fields. It is also widely used by the food industry, especially for flavoring soft drinks, candies, ice cream baked goods and much more.
In the pharmacological field it is often used to aromatize some medicines.

How to get it

Lemon essential oil is obtained from the rind of lemons and the procedures to extract it can be different.
The traditional and manual method involves sponging the outer part of the lemons divided in half, exerting pressure capable of letting the oil escape. It is a long and tiring method, with a minimum yield, which was used several years ago and today has fallen into disuse.
To extract the oil more modern methods are used which operate a mechanical extraction and are much faster and more effective.
With cold pressing, the special machines scrape and compress the whole lemons until the essence comes out from the oil glands. The product thus obtained has a good quality, but the yield is rather low.
The method that allows to obtain the essential lemon oil with the highest aromatic yield is the one used to obtain the so-called deprived oil. This is the squeezing through a hydraulic press which adds to the excellent result but much higher production costs.


As we said at the beginning, the limonene is the main component of the essential oil of lemon, but the components that we find inside it are many, among the main ones we have: which cymene, alcohols, coumarins, pinene and camphene, but also phosphorus, copper, manganese and some vitamins belonging to group B.
The lemon has always been a fruit considered able to cure and alleviate a large number of diseases, especially those of an infectious type. Folk medicine sometimes makes mistakes, but often has its reasons. If these properties are not always associated with the lemon fruit itself, the essential oil extracted from its peel has many therapeutic properties. Among the many effects of this beneficial essence we find a strong antiseptic, astringent, purifying, vermifugal and antibacterial power.
Another very appreciable effect of lemon oil is to act as a stimulant for blood circulation. This means that it is also indicated for the treatment of rheumatic pains, sore throats and even cellulite, becoming an ingredient in specific products.
Lemon essential oil can also be very useful for treating stomatitis, varicose veins and intestinal worms and high blood pressure.
A real cure for the health of our body

Cosmetic use

The essential oil of lemon is used in cosmetics in the care of skin around the eyes. Its characteristic of being delicate and astringent, makes it particularly suitable for the care of this area which has extremely different characteristics from that of the rest of the face. In the eye contour the skin is much thinner, more delicate, the dermis is poor in collagen, the hypodermis is fat-free. It is a particularly delicate area and very prone to the formation of more or less deep wrinkles. It is also a highly vascularized area and its appearance is influenced by every type of blood and lymphatic disorder. Thanks to its properties, lemon essential oil helps us to fight and alleviate crow's feet and dark circles. To have an appreciable effect, it must be used for at least twenty days in a row and this must be done at least three times a year, if we reach four it is even better. The oil should be applied to clean and make-up-free skin with eyes closed, preferably in the evening. To apply it, make a light circular massage and after about twenty minutes we can remove any excess with a towel.

Therapeutic use

Infectious diseases can be partially countered and prevented thanks to the lemon essential oil. In particular, we can use it to fight rafferddore, influenza viruses and parainfluenza viruses.
For those who have problems with bad breath, it is advisable to mix two drops of lemon essential oil together with two drops of essential peppermint oil, add to a tablespoon of warm water and with this to make mouth rinses that will be very effective .
Still rinses with water and lemon essential oil, in proportion to a ten-drop glass, are very useful for fighting gum inflammation.
Finally, we can use this substance with countless properties even for effective wraps to combat hemorrhoids and varicose veins.