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Vegetable garden on the balcony

Vegetable garden on the balcony

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The metropolitan vegetable garden: costs and advantages

For some it is just a fashion, for others a passion. The fact is that more and more people decide to cultivate a small garden for domestic use even when it comes to having to accommodate it in an apartment. A choice aimed at saving and producing fresh and genuine vegetables but also a gratifying and healthy activity, able to bring man closer to the culture of simplicity and contact with the earth. Cultivating, irrigating and treating a vegetable garden every day has additional psycho-physical benefits and in some cases it can also be a real antidepressant remedy besides a productive way of carving out time for oneself and one's passions.
Certainly the balconies or verandas of the city apartments are not exactly the ideal places for growing vegetables and vegetables. However, in this as in other cases, technology and targeted horticultural studies have been able to develop projects and solutions to allow those who wish to create their own urban mini-garden.

How to make our home garden

But let's see in detail what is needed and how to do it. Let's start with an inspection of our balcony or terrace to verify that it is, at least in part, exposed to light, without which the plants would not grow well. It is important to establish at the same time which and how much of it to allocate to the plants. In fact, each of them will need a reasonable space for the growth of their roots and the development of their production. Also the choice to cultivate three or four, among the most widespread vegetables, from an economic point of view will guarantee us a certain saving, with the further advantage of consuming highly biological and healthy products. The investment in the purchase of pots or kits suitable for cultivation on the balcony is quite modest as is the cost of seed packets to be planted which varies from 20-60 cents to one euro, depending on the brand and type. It goes without saying that, if we want to work our space well, there are some tools of the trade that we must absolutely equip ourselves with. A hoe and a rake, naturally in the mini version, and a watering can are necessary but sufficient for the needs of a domestic space.

Vases and kits

Instead, it is very important to find the right pot or the right kit of pots and containers for our metropolitan plants that in the often restricted environment of a balcony need not only all our efforts but above all technological help. At this point, a series of inventions and products born for this purpose and made with features designed to minimize the efforts of those who cultivate them are facilitated.
Among the most suitable and most widespread products there are certainly bags in non-woven fabric, recycled, which being able to be hung vertically or lying on the floor horizontally are extremely versatile and save space. They look like simple fabric bags but actually contain shredded felt that facilitates drainage and release natural fertilizer.
Always designed for the domestic vegetable garden and often used to complement this, there is the small domestic greenhouse, open on the top to easily insert and extract the plants. Particularly suitable for the cultivation of tomatoes, it is made with materials that are very resistant to sunlight, capable of spreading heat evenly inside.
Among the high-tech innovations, the eco-textile vase made of geotextile fabric, light and resistant to UV rays, which allows an excellent circulation of air and water inside, facilitates the development of seeds and the production of vegetables. It can have the most varied shapes and a capacity up to 100 liters of soil. The most innovative models are also equipped with a 6-liter tank for constant irrigation or a non-woven mat and expanded clay to facilitate planting of seeds and better absorption of water.

Garden on the balcony: Author's kit

Then there are the author's kits. The most famous is called Auxano, a creation by the British designer Philip Houiellebecq. A set for gardening designed specifically for growing vegetables in small spaces, consisting of a series of containers made of recycled material, such as polypropylene. The structure works without the use of land, according to the technique of hydroponics and consumes very little water.
The plant will be inserted in the upper part of a modular unit and the roots immersed in a removable vessel containing solutions based on nutritive principles. The specially transparent vase allows to control the development of the roots without moving the plant. Green Kit follows, the multiple and modular set for the vegetable garden made up of four components that can also be purchased separately: Serravaso, a transparent mini greenhouse that uses sunlight to develop plants and protect them from the cold.
The second element is Trifoglio, a support for climbing plants similar in functions to a grating. Modular and modular, thanks to special spacers it adapts to all types of walls. It can perform the functions of separes and is found on the market in various colors or transparent.
Then there is Invaso, a folded and folded PP object that supports creepers and facilitates their development
And finally, Travaso, a polypropylene object that helps to transfer the seedlings without dispersing soil or soil.


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