Dry jasmine

Dry jasmine

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Question: A jasmine in difficulty

I have a very old white jasmine (about thirty). Half of last October all the leaves dried up, suddenly. It is true that he probably suffered from the lack of water and also from the fact that October was unusually hot, but such a thing seems very strange to me, also because in the past years the jasmine remained
green and continued to bloom until December. How do I know if the jasmine is still alive and if it is the case to prune it, that is to cut all the leaves and the dry branches?
Thanks, Gaetano

Dry jasmine: Answer: A jasmine in difficulty

Dear Gaetano,
there are many reasons that may have led to the sudden withering of the leaves. The most likely is the one you mentioned, namely the lack of water associated with the exceptional temperatures recorded in October. If this were the cause there should be no problems, in the sense that the plant should resume growing in the spring. We therefore advise you to wait for the growing season to check which parts have dried out and then to eliminate them.
However other factors may have caused it (for example parasites or cryptogamic diseases) but it is not possible to diagnose them on the basis of the little information provided. We therefore invite you to send us a photo of the plant with more information (Where do you write us? Are there pets, eg cats, that may have pissed on the plant? Has it recently fertilized the plant? Is it aware of the presence of pests or of mold? The leaves have remained yellow and stuck or have they fallen? On the leaf, black or brown spots have been created?).
Let us know.