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Despite the exotic name, the pyracantha is widespread in nature throughout the Mediterranean area; it is an evergreen shrub, widely used to form hedges and borders, with small leaves, white flowers in spring and orange berries from summer until late winter. On the stems of the species there are sharp thorns, which make it a plant widely used to form impenetrable hedges.
It is placed in a good soil, mixed with sand to improve drainage, in a sunny area of ​​the garden. It does not produce excessively intrusive roots, so it can also be placed close to walls or other structures, which will act as a support for the plant; in these cases the pyracantha tends to develop rapidly in height, leaning on walls and nets, and growing almost like a creeper.
Watering is necessary only for newly planted shrubs, to encourage rooting; in the following years, the pyracanthe can survive without problems even thanks to the rains.
There are also dwarf varieties, or completely without thorns, or with yellow or bright red fruits.


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