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Lemon juice

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Lemon juice

Sometimes we totally ignore the extraordinary properties of some gifts of nature so common for our look to pass almost unnoticed. In particular, how many know the beneficial effects dispensed from that vitamin concentrate which is lemon juice? The positive characteristics of this incredible fruit so present among the Mediterranean crops and in our homes. So what are the beneficial properties of lemon juice on our body?

Lemon: properties and characteristics

The lemon plant belongs to the Rutaceae family, the same as oranges, mandarins, cedars and bergamots. Its fruits ripen three times during the course of the year. The first cycle closes around the month of October. This first fruiting is called winter or first flower. The second takes place in March, producing lemons commonly known as whitebait, of lesser value. In summer, verdelli lemons ripen, whose nomenclature derives from coloring. They have a hard and compact flesh and are the richest in vitamins.
The large quantity of essential oils present in the lemon is concentrated in the rind, including limonene, with marked antibiotic and disinfectant properties. These essential oils also perform a beneficial action in case of rheumatism and have a disinfectant function, being applicable directly on the skin. There is no naturally produced product rich in citric acid such as lemon: only tomato, which ranks second on the podium for the coveted recognition, holds up. And it is thanks to the citric acid that the lemon turns out to be a very powerful aid for cellular energy exchange. Sodium and potassium citrates also stand out among other enzymes due to their significant purifying power. But the richest gift that the lemon dispenses is its immense supply of vitamin C, as well as a discreet supply of mineral salts, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and some fundamental vitamins of group B and A.

The beneficial functions of lemon juice

Besides being a thirst-quenching summer drink if adequately diluted with water and, if you wish, sweetened to taste, the lemon juice itself carries out a series of important beneficial actions. For example, how grandma's remedies teach and also some enlightened doctors who prescribe it to replace or support common antibiotics, if you suffer from throat plaques you can use it to gargle. Repeat this two or three times each day until healing occurs: the effect is absolutely guaranteed.
Lemon juice is particularly effective against tartar. To counteract its formation it is in fact very useful to take the juice of a fruit for fifteen days. This treatment may also have depurative effects, but we must not exaggerate in order to avoid annoying contraindications such as excessive weight loss, constipation and insomnia. The purifying properties of lemon juice are however undisputed, especially if it is taken on a regular basis in the morning, as soon as you wake up and preferably when you are still fasting. Limonene is also a powerful ally in the destruction of gall bladder stones and according to recent studies conducted by American scientists this substance could be used in the treatment and prevention of tumors, particularly with regard to the pancreas, the stomach and the intestine. The fresh lemon juice is a panacea for those with low immune defenses thanks to its substantial intake of vitamin C, and is an indispensable aid to regularize the intestine. If we are also suffering from an unbearable nausea, lemon juice can help us, even during pregnancy, being free of some annoying side effects which, on the other hand, can cause antinausea drugs. Promotes blood circulation and has beneficial effects on the liver and pancreas.

Additional effects of lemon juice

Very few drops of lemon juice can eliminate almost all the microorganisms present in freshly caught seafood within a few minutes. Furthermore, it is possible to make drinking water by adding lemon juice. The proportions to be respected include a glass of lemon juice per liter of water. Furthermore, the very odor of lemon juice promotes concentration and mnemonic abilities: a study by Japanese experts shows that the rate of errors committed by employees working on the computer decreases significantly if the room in which they work smells like lemon. The brilliance and whiteness of our teeth is guaranteed if once a week we have the foresight to wash them by dipping our toothbrush with lemon juice. Against fragility or excessive hair loss, we can instead prepare a mixture using two teaspoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice rubbing the scalp with this lotion just after shampooing.


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