Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream

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The current moisturizers are divided into specific creams for the face and body. The offer of this type of creams, today, is decidedly very wide with an infinity of brands, excipients, prices and formats. In fact the embarrassment of the choice among the many products, has led to a massive diffusion and a high consumption of these ointments both among men and among women.
The shelves of perfumeries, hypermarkets, herbalists and pharmacies abound in creams with the most disparate purposes (night, day, dry or intolerant skin, hands, allergies, neck, sensitive, slimming, draining skin, etc.) and those who buy them generally he hopes for fast and actually tangible benefits and results. Many have wondered if the (many) money spent on these body care products brings the promised improvements.
The hydration of the skin through the application of the creams, especially if done consistently, makes the skin velvety soft and visibly healthier and brighter.
Moisturizers are important because they ensure the natural balance of the hydrolipidic film and you should not believe in miraculous results, especially if promised from the first applications, but it is better to find the ideal products for your body and test the actual results after at least 2 hours. 3 weeks of care.

The importance of choosing the right product

To be considered "good" the cream must be absorbed quickly by the skin, it must produce hydration by acting on the cells already made up of water and must not suffocate the pores and produce comedones. Furthermore, it is recommended that the moisturizer have a minimum of sun protection factor.
The first distinction must be made on the part of the body to be treated: there are specific creams for the face, body, feet, hand, breast, hips and belly. Secondly it is necessary to distinguish between normal, dry, fat or mixed skin and finally the age of the skin in question (young or mature) is important in order to identify the type of cream that conforms to the goal to be achieved (wrinkles, cellulite). Moreover, the last discriminating factor can be given by the price, there being a more or less infinite choice on the market.

Tips for use

The moisturizer is to be applied in the morning and evening on a perfectly cleansed face and neck. The moisturizing body cream, on the other hand, is to be spread daily after a bath or shower. Cleansing the skin is a fundamental condition for the good absorption of the product and its active ingredients and a well-hydrated and elastic skin is the starting point for a successful make-up.
It is good to know, however, that an excess of cream is likely to clog the pores.

What to do for perfect hydration

Good hydration starts with an optimal water supply and the moisturizer is the ideal ally to have a soft, silky and shiny skin every day, all day long.
The cream has the task of retaining the water present in the body, which is why if a light texture is enough during the summer, a more persistent consistency is required during the winter, since the cold tends to dry out the skin.
During the warm months, however, moisturizing creams with UV protection factor serve to counteract the damage caused by the sun's rays.
What needs to be remembered is that even the most complete and expensive formula of moisturizer is not able to work miracles. To preserve the health and aesthetics of the body surface, it is necessary to drink water in an adequate quantity, observe a healthy, varied and balanced diet, rich in vitamins A and E and use a good moisturizer, especially ideal for one's complexion. Where all this is not sufficient, you can help yourself with specific supplements.

Moisturizer: the extra advice

Well hydrated skin is a glowing skin. Applying this beauty product must be a constant commitment, a daily gesture and a personal cuddle.
You can choose different emulsions for the day and for the night (these usually contain ingredients with exceptionally repairing functions), there are also opacifying compounds for those whose skin is generally oily and particularly shiny, there are soothing creams against cracking and cuperose. In short, for every imperfection there is a remedy.
A light product is sufficient for young and normal skin. Oily skins instead need more complex compounds with a slight abrasive and exfoliating action. Finally, for dry skin they are ideal treatments that help to "hold" the water of the tissues in a consistent manner.
Finally, commercially available products in spray format are easily available that vaporize liquids (even thermal water) and are very useful for keeping the skin elastic and fresh. In addition, concentrated serums can also be found which amplify the nourishment and action of the excipients it contains.