Mother ribes nigrum tincture

Mother ribes nigrum tincture

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Ribes Nigrum

In the Northern part of the European continent, Ribes Nigrum develops spontaneously. Widespread among rocks and in alpine areas, this plant has fleshy fruits with which many products are also produced on the Italian market. From the fruits it is also possible to obtain the mother tincture which is made after a careful shredding of leaves and bark of the plant. Of extreme importance in the phytotherapeutic and herbalist field, Ribes Nigrum, is excellent for contrasting a number of pathologies and is therefore highly appreciated.

Use of the ribes Nigrum mother tincture

The use of the mother tincture of Ribes Nigrum is very noticeable in all those diseases of the nose and throat and has notable effects on asthma attacks but it is also excellent for eczema and general skin diseases. Couperose, a skin disease that tends to turn red, can also be treated with this mother tincture. Also used to lower blood pressure, the mother tincture should be mixed in the amount of 20 drops with 15 drops of Ribes Nigrum macerate. The drops, diluted with water and sipped, wanting sweetened. Care should be taken twice a day for two months. After a thirty-day break, treatment for the same condition can be resumed. To cure rheumatism and gout, the mother tincture of Ribes Nigrum, should be taken in the quantity of 30 drops 3 times a day and for two months. Also in this case a thirty-day break is made, before starting the treatment again.

Effects on the body of the mother tincture of Ribes Nigrum

The effects on the organism after taking the mother tincture drops are considerable. The beneficial properties of this dye, which for years has been studied by phytotherapic doctors, are very valid and capable of combating not only allergies and rheumatism but dyeing is also capable of performing a remarkable diuretic action.
An important factor that Ribes mother tincture offers is the stabilization of blood sugar and therefore its power is also purifying. As for the intake of any herb, also for mother tincture, caution should be exercised especially if other treatments are being performed with herbal products. It is always necessary to listen to the advice of a herbalist or a doctor who is competent in the matter, both with regard to the dosage and with regard to the methods of recruitment. However, the mother tincture is very useful even in the case of diarrhea, indeed it is the doctors themselves who propose it as a drug.

How Ribes Nigrum is grown

The plant adapts to any type of atmospheric temperature but prefers a temperate climate. However, it also resists winter frosts even if it later blooms due to cold damage. Being a plant accustomed to the undergrowth, it may not be able to resist too direct sunlight. Sowing must take place between March and November while the fruits are harvested in spring and summer. When you plant it, try to place it in a place that is not too sunny even if it is bright. Ribes Nigrum prefers a calcareous soil but also adapts to other types of soil. It does not need any watering because it is satisfied with rainwater except in those periods of prolonged drought in which it will need to stay in moist soil. Gray mold is the main enemy of Ribes Nigrum and with it also root rot and San José cochineal. Fertilize it in Autumn by adding the mixture to the soil as soon as the feet of the plant. In Autumn and Winter, you can propagate it through woody cutting.

Some curiosities about Ribes Nigrum

The plant that was not known among the Greeks and Romans, was begun to cultivate by the local peasants, only in the first half of the eighteenth century and only then began to write treatises about its very important and effective therapeutic properties. It was then that the Ribes Nigrum began to be used in every form by these peoples who gave it an almost miraculous power also because they used it for any kind of pathology and this popular belief ended towards the end of the eighteenth century when, through in-depth studies, it was possible to count the plant among those that cure certain diseases in a very effective manner even if not all as these ancient peoples believed. Today Ribes Nigrum, is considered a cure-all as an antioxidant because it contains a large number of components that hinder the normal aging process of cells. The positive repercussions on health are obtained due to the richness of anthocyanosides within the berries, leaves and fruits of the Ribes, These elements in synergy with the famous vitamin C, cure beyond the pathologies indicated above, also hemorrhoids, veins varicose and cellulite. From the seeds we obtain an extremely important essential oil rich in essential acids and the gamma linolenic acid contained in the oil goes in perfect symbiosis with alpha linolenic acid, giving these therapeutic principles of extreme efficiency.

Mother tincture ribes nigrum: Other properties

The properties of mother tincture are not the only peculiarities of ribes nigrum because practically all parts of this plant have special properties that can bring numerous beneficial effects to our body. For example, the leaves of ribes nigrum are very rich in polyphenols and have diuretic properties but they are above all purifying and for this reason they are often used to favor the elimination of uric acid through urine and to purify our body through infusions or herbal teas. The buds and flowers of ribes nigrum, on the other hand, have special properties with regard to the retina since they are able to refresh and protect this part of the eye. In addition to this, flowers and buds also improve the defenses, stimulating the immune system, and for this reason they are often used to combat flu syndromes.


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