Meaning of pink flowers

Meaning of pink flowers

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Give pink flowers

Giving or receiving pink flowers represents a meaning of friendship, kindness and delicacy. This color is also associated with youth and a happy event like a marriage or the birth of a child. The pink flowers symbolize the pure and sincere friendship ideal to give to an important friend to be grateful for her friendship.
Nature offers many pink flowers from the most varied shades and shapes all with different meanings but always positive and full of friendship, with this color everyone is satisfied even the eternal undecided and who is always in search of perfection.
Now let's see which type of flower is best associated with the message we want to convey.

Pink roses

Giving pink roses, very fragrant flowers, represents great elegance and refinement; the expression of this gift can represent gratitude, appreciation, sympathy and friendship; but it can also be interpreted as a feeling of innocent love.
The rose, symbol par excellence of simplicity but also of love, admiration and beauty, takes on different meanings by differentiating itself with colors.

Peach flowers

This beautiful plant originating from China with delicate pink flowers, is a symbol of immortal and immense love.
These wonderful flowers have been celebrated by painters, poets and singers, so they are a source of inspiration for many artists.

Pink tulip

This beautiful flower, grown in large quantities in Holland, but now widespread in all countries, represents in its simplicity a feeling of strong friendship or pure love.


Even Erica represents a strong meaning in the language of flowers. This plant is often used as a decoration in bouquets and centerpieces; the small ears of colored campanulas are also suitable for dry compositions. The meaning of this plant corresponds to a hope and wish to realize the desires and dreams, but the most lilac-colored colors convey a meaning of solitude.

Pink peony

Peony is a flower among the most venerated in the East; this elegant flower embodies the meaning of love, affection, luck and nobility of soul. Giving this pink flower means harmony and hope for luck and happiness.

Almond blossom

The almond blossoms bloom in spring and symbolize hope; delicate and fragile flowers, from brief flowering, have inspired myths and legends. Ancient rituals included the use of these flowers for the preparation of elixir of love. giving these flowers represents hope and recovery.


This flower is a symbol of refinement and perfection. camellias are lucky symbols in Chinese New Year and are also offered to the gods.
The Camellias of pink color conveys a message of nostalgia, of desire to find oneself again, it also represents romantic love.
Giving Camelie to a man is a message of good luck and success.


This perennial plant with flowers ranging from white to pink takes on great importance also in the medical field. its medicinal properties have been confirmed by modern medicine: antiseptic, astringent, emollient and useful remedy for persistent cough. The flowers are also used in cosmetics with great success.
Hawaiian women wear a pink hibiscus flower in their hair, behind their left ear, a symbol of free sentimental status, while if they are engaged emotionally they put this flower on the right side. Giving this flower is synonymous with beauty, fertility and loyalty.

Pink orchid

This particular flower is presented as a seductive and fascinating gift; its particular beauty creates a sense of gift, a symbol of perfect harmony and refinement. The pink orchid, symbol of affection and love, is indicated as a gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. This flower is considered a universal message intended for the loved one, where there is a lasting feeling over time.


This simple flower, generally shaped like a cup, is considered a primitive flower by botanists; This plant is widespread in parks, gardens and avenues, but can also be cultivated in terraced pots.
Giving a magnolia flower means dignity and perseverance. In Georgia, magnolia takes on a strong sense of protection, planting a magnolia tree in the garden is a wish for good luck for the house and its inhabitants.

Pink Gerbera

This lively flower originating from Africa, presents with lance-shaped and lobed leaves, arranged in a rosette, like a large daisy. Giving pink gerberas are always a symbol of youth and vitality, so it is advisable to give this kind of flower to young, beautiful and cheerful girls.
This flower can also be given to children, on occasions of birthdays or communions.

Meaning of pink flowers: Pink cyclamen

The cyclamen reflects the passage from spring to summer and conveys a sense of freshness and lightness; It is one of the most appreciated flowers ever and chosen for many anniversaries. In the language of flowers, the pink cyclamen is linked to a feeling of love, a symbol also of spontaneity and lightness. Giving a bouquet of pink cyclamens to a girl is synonymous with luck and fertility.


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