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Dried flower centerpiece

Dried flower centerpiece

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Dried flowers

Flowers have always brought a sense of joy to homes. A flowery corner on a table, on a shelf, on the fireplace, in the entrance of an apartment, is a welcome message very welcome for those who cross the threshold of a house. The fresh flowers are beautiful but unfortunately they do not last long but with the numerous techniques that are there to dry and preserve them, you can create amazing works worthy of a master florist. The compositions, in addition to giving a dramatic effect of some importance, give a point of attention to focus in a room. They are the object of interest for the guests and their gaze duly focuses on one thing that if wisely realized will arouse admiration. Think only of how gratifying it is, to be praised for a composition created by our imagination and our inspiration! Dried flowers have the task of meeting us when we feel the desire to create something surprising that can strike the attention of our guests.

The creation of a floral centerpiece is not a bad idea, especially if it is an important party, it is the starting point to embellish a room in anticipation of visits or even to create a gift idea for someone special. The works done by hand are highly appreciated because those who receive them know the effort and commitment with which they were made and then, very importantly, they are created with affection. First of all we prepare a comfortable work plan where we can support everything we need during the realization. Even a kitchen table will be fine. Let's cover it with a cloth so as not to dirty it and put on it, all the material we need. First, let's not forget the green sponge for the composition, a metal net, scissors, shears, satin ribbon, a hot-melt glue gun, trimmings and all that comes to mind. Let us reflect a few minutes because before we begin, we must have the precise outline of what we want to create. Once we are sure we want to achieve what is now just an idea, think of the container to use. Anything is fine. It could be a ceramic tray, a wicker basket, an earthenware container, a decorated plate, a tray or a tall vase. We wash the container well with dish detergent and dry it to perfection then place it on our work surface. With the help of a sharp knife, we cut the sponge to size of the container and insert it inside it after having wrapped it in the wire mesh that we will cut with the shears according to the desired size ... The sponge must not have burrs that come out of the container so, we will cut excess with the boxcutter. The first step is accomplished.The technique to insert the flowers in the sponge

We create a space on the work surface and place the dried flowers on it after having divided them according to the length of the stem. Let's also divide them by color. We need to have a clear idea of ​​how the table center should be composed. If we decide to introduce flowers of one type into the sponge, we will put the latter aside. If instead we decide to use multicolored flowers, we will divide them not only in length but also in size. We therefore put the biggest flowers on one side and the smaller ones on the other. We also divide the shrubs or twigs that will serve as a final decoration. Before starting, however, we use glossy spray paint and spray it on the branches and shrubs. While these will dry, we can proceed to thread the flowers into the sponge. We will start from the center using the flowers with the longest stem. Let's put them in the middle of the container trying not to leave empty spaces between one flower and another. When the center of the container is full, we continue by inserting the flowers with the shorter stem on the front, sides and back. We try to turn the container as we work to give symmetry to the composition. As soon as the basket is ready and all the flowers have been threaded, take the branches and shrubs that have dried in the meantime and thread them sideways into the sponge so that they surround the container, giving a hanging effect. If we notice any unsightly empty space between the flowers, we insert some spike that is decorative.

Dried flower centerpiece: We finish the composition

Our composition is almost finished and the table center is almost ready, we just have to finish it. First of all let's take some hair spray and spray it on the flowers, taking care to do this on the whole flower. We take a satin ribbon of the color that we like and wrap it around the vase making a bow on the front. If it is a Christmas table centerpiece, we insert some sprigs of mistletoe or red berries into the sponge. If we want to introduce candles in the centerpiece, we can do it using long ones. We will insert them symmetrically throughout the centerpiece area. The aesthetic effect is guaranteed. Our centerpiece is ready. If it is ours, we can decorate the table by placing it on a lace center that makes the work even more valuable. If instead we have to give it away, we open a cellophane sheet and place it in the center. We fold the sheet by joining the sides of it and put some stitches with a stapler. We will decorate the tip of the wrapping, with bows, satin ribbons or trimmings. With the glue gun, let's drop a few drops on the ornamental ribbon and attach a dry flower.