Calendula cream

Calendula cream

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Calendula cream

Calendula is an annual herbaceous plant that is cultivated in temperate zones and is called "flower of each month" because it presents the characteristic flowering almost every month.
Its height can vary from fifty to seventy centimeters, its stem is branched and its flowers, characterized by yellow-orange shades, are united in flower heads.
The fruits of this plant are the achenes and are extracted from flowering tops for the preparation of infusions, tinctures and, above all, creams.
Inside the calendula plant there is a high number of active ingredients, the main ones are: mucilage, carotenes, essential oil and vitamin c.
In addition to its therapeutic uses, it is also used in the kitchen to garnish dishes or to give some dishes a slight yellowish color
Calendula lends itself to the creation of creams for external use against irritation, pimples and acne and also appears to be an excellent antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal.
Among its many properties, anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing methods must not be forgotten.
Within the calendula plant we can find a very high number of active ingredients, including mucilage, carotenes, essential oil and vitamin c.
In other words, this health elixir should definitely not be lacking in our homes because it appears to be a great adversary of cortisone and antifungal creams and is natural, something that cannot be said for the two drugs listed above.
Moreover, it can be applied on the skin of domestic animals if they show redness due to sweat, to the rubbing of a particularly aggressive grass for their skin.
Although this cream is a product of "salvation" thanks to its miraculous active ingredients, we do not recommend its use during pregnancy.

Where to find the calendula cream

This product can be found in any herbalist's shop or pharmacy, but it is highly advisable to purchase it in stores that specialize in organic products, as it is easier to find higher quality products here but at a fairer price.
The calendula-based products that can be found at discount stores or in supermarkets are of dubious workmanship, and in any case contain a low concentration of active ingredients.

Two homemade recipes

There are two do-it-yourself remedies to produce this "healing serum" in a way more or less similar to the commercial one and, moreover, 100% natural.
For the preparation of a jar of this cream you need: fifty grams of marigold flowers, seventy-five grams of beeswax and two hundred grams of tetin (you can find it in any agricultural consortium).
When you have all the ingredients you will start the process of boiling the marigold flowers together with the tetina, on a low heat for about thirty minutes, until you get a dark color of the flowers.
This procedure is characterized by the fact that a massive amount of foam will be generated and, for this reason, the use of a tall saucepan is recommended.
After 24 hours of rest, the whole must be heated with the addition of beeswax and, once it has dissolved, it must be sieved in a jar.
Once the procedure described above has been completed, the cream will be ready.
The second recipe has the advantage of being able to boast an even simpler procedure than the previous one.
For the preparation it will take twenty grams of marigold flowers soaked in olive oil and placed in a glass jar and left to rest for twelve hours in the sun, (the beneficial properties of
sun make the active ingredients of the essential oil of the flowers more effective).
It will be necessary to melt five grams of butter and as many grams of beeswax in a saucepan, then the previously made preparation will be added and it will be expected to cool.
This cream can be used as a moisturizer for hands, as an anti-acne treatment or to soothe skin redness.

Calendula cream: A valid reason to use it

The calendula cream has many uses in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, veterinary and herbal fields.
It turns out to be a multi-purpose cream with immense soothing, emollient power and in fact, in addition to the uses listed in the introduction, it can be used to treat dermatitis, insect bites, sunburn and sunburn.
It also turns out to be an alternative to common tanning products and at the same time protects the skin from sunlight.
This miraculous cream has the only defect the obtuse if, used inappropriately, in fact, very few quantities of product are really enough on the face or on the body, in such a way as to favor its easy absorption.
The plant of which it is composed has various denominations including Fiorrancio, Garofano and Margheritina but it is characterized by a single and unique virtue that make it so precious: the healing power.