Melissa infused

Melissa infused

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The melissa leaves and dried flowers are used to prepare the melissa infusion, available in any herbal medicine. Boil three liters of water in a pot: once the boiling temperature is reached, pour one hundred grams of dried lemon balm into the pan, cover with a lid and leave to infuse for about half an hour. After half an hour, the infusion is carefully filtered using a fine-grained sieve, so you can pour the infusion into a mug and drink it. The normal dosage includes drinking one or two cups of melissa infusion per day to effectively combat anxiety, nervousness and insomnia; women with pre-menstrual syndrome, however, will be able to drink up to four cups a day to adequately combat mood disorders (insomnia, agitation, mood swings, panic attacks) and the physical (breast tenderness, lower abdominal pains) , headache, etc.). It is better not to take the infusion if you have to drive or if you need to carry out activities that require a high level of attention, since the relaxation induced by lemon balm could interfere with this activityRisks related to the use of lemon balm

Before undertaking a treatment based on lemon balm, consult your doctor, as there are categories of people who cannot take this herb: first of all, those who are suffering from glaucoma. Even those with thyroid problems (especially those suffering from hypothyroidism) should weigh well the use of herbal balm based products, as this plant slightly inhibits the thyroid gland. Finally, it is important to pay attention to possible skin allergies and not to give lemon balm to pregnant or lactating women, as hypersensitivity phenomena may occur.