The calendula

The calendula

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The calendula:

Small perennial plant, often cultivated as an annual, calendula is present in gardens, as well as in spontaneous flora throughout Europe.
Easy to cultivate, it finds a place in a sunny corner of the garden, in pain of earth or even in pots; it is not a plant with special needs, and it develops without problems even in the common garden soil, or in a small jar on the window sill.
The golden flowers bloom throughout the summer, keeping the bush of decorative gray leaves for many weeks. In winter the aerial part dries up, so we will see our calendula again in the warm season. These plants resist the cold, and in any case they tend to self-seed, so every year we will have new plants in the same corner.
If we want a flowering that is always rich and continuous, it is advisable to water the plant periodically, when the soil is well dry, preventing it from remaining dry for long periods of time. Marigold flowers are edible, and are often used to cheer salads or savory pies.


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