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Artificial hedge

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Artificial hedges

Artificial hedges are a valuable way to create a barrier to define a specific area as it could be a driveway or a partition from another property. Finally, shears, fertilizers and fertilizers can be stored because hedges made of excellent synthetic grass are an excellent solution to many problems. Among other things, these hedges, if purchased by serious and scrupulous companies, are of excellent quality and faithfully reflect the true hedges. Hardly an observer realizes that the hedge is artificial and indeed, it will admire the precision with which you will have pruned them. Naturally try to avoid buying these and other synthetic herbs of unquestionable production and coming from foreign countries that have bad reputation. Unfortunately, some companies use recycled plastic several times and with an extremely unpleasant smell, so in order to avoid unpleasant problems, you should buy them in stores that specialize in specific fake herbs.

A little history about synthetic herbs

There are companies that specialize in the field of synthetic herbs and that are equipped with special machinery that tests their products before reselling them to the public. These industries have injection machines that produce sustainable materials for the environment that is non-polluting. Furthermore, these materials are resistant to atmospheric agents. Some synthetic grasses, through the too cold or too hot atmospheric conditions, acquire a faded color and also the heat of the too intense sun rays, risks to break the small twigs of which the hedges are formed. These twigs are attached to the structure in such a way that they do not come off easily unless someone cuts them with a pincer. The important factor is that this synthetic grass is regularly tested and subjected to temperatures that go well over 60 degrees centigrade. This measure is carried out precisely to make the purchaser understand synthetic hedges and all lawns in general, that these are of excellent quality and can be placed on the ground, without the slightest fear

The hedges have the characteristic of being very realistic and offer a wide range of models that only you can choose according to your taste and depending on where you place them. Like the real hedges, that is the real ones, the most requested ones are the Photinia model that looks impressively like the real hedge but you can also choose the realistic model of artificial hedge with ivy leaves. Very useful for separating spaces and dividing particular areas, hedges are sold in rolls. The structure is made of very hard plastic and very reliable from the point of view of durability because it resists any kind of weather. Of course the choice that is personal must be made based on the place where the artificial hedge will be placed. Many hotels, restaurants, campsites and areas near the beach use this sort of fence, to delimit spaces or to create others for different uses. The ivy leaves would do very well in one of those romantic-looking places such as a restaurant with a medieval structure. Even the hedges are made so that you can also buy them in slabs so that you can easily place them even on a wall to give the impression that the climbing ivy is climbing on it. The effect is really guaranteed, the ivy seems real and nobody would realize that instead it is synthetic. If, on the other hand, the hedge is used as a partition of privacy in a garden, it is advisable to install the classic photinia that, like the hedge in natural grass, gives great consistency to the required action. The synthetic herb industry gives the ease of choosing panels as well as rolls. The panels positioned with ease in the area to be covered, give the pleasant effect of the covering. But if you want to cover a balcony with a fake hedge, you have to use special rolls made of the same material but without a hard plastic structure. The characteristics of durability and excellent quality are the same but the hedge is much more malleable in the sense that it clings well to the balcony railings so as to make it look like an oasis of peace, coolness and tranquility. In addition, the balcony hedge fully protects your privacy. From the street you will not see anything of the actions taking place inside your balconyArtificial hedge: How to mount hedges and how to clean them

Special and very solid hooks, will give you the possibility to attach the hedge to the railing and then be able to remove it just as easily when you want to put it back in order to put it back in the next summer season. In fact, the hedge can also be conserved after a very rapid maintenance which consists in delivering some spray of degreasing soap on the leaves, to then clean them and dry them with a synthetic fiber cloth. This will eliminate all the impurities deposited from the atmospheric agents and from the exhaust gases of cars circulating on the street. The synthetic hedges if you want to preserve them properly, they must be dried to perfection first with a dry cloth that absorbs the humidity and then with the hot jet of a hair dryer that will be directed on the leaves. Possibly, taking advantage of a mild and not rainy day, the sheet of leaves should be left for several hours in the sun to allow eliminating any trace of humidity. Then rewind the hedge forming a roll and wrap it in a large cellophane sheet that you can place in a place like the garage or a cellar, possibly resting on a wooden platform. The rolled hedge can be applied in the same way as the balcony railings, even on the gates of the villas to be protected from prying eyes. Even here very solid hooks will help you attach it and in the same way you can detach and clean. The speech is different with regards to the minimum maintenance to be carried out on the hedges that form a partition in a garden or serve as decoration on a wall. The synthetic leaves should be sprayed with degreasing liquid and then rinsed under the jet of running water of a garden pump and then left to dry in the air without removing them. Of course, as far as the garden is concerned, there is absolutely no need to dismantle the hedges that can remain in place either in winter or in summer because as we have seen before, they are absolutely not affected by atmospheric agents that will not allow the structure made of hard plastic, cracking due to frost or too intense sunlight. They will always be like brand new and will always give that realistic effect. The industries of this innovative synthetic material, have also created a very beautiful hedge that gives the effect of natural shading being supplied with sheets that protect from the sun and that are invisible to the eye. In short, the synthetic hedges are very useful for every kind of need because they protect, give the impression that they are true, they form new spaces, they embellish and they are a real cure-all for our privacy.